PILEDRIVER - Metal Inquisition BLOOD STAR - The Fear

AMON AMARTH - Jomsviking (Viking Ship)
AMON AMARTH "Jomsviking (Viking Ship)" [CD +DVD, Viking Ship]2016 - Death Metal from Sweden

AMON AMARTH / UNEARTH - Metal Blade 25Th Year In Video
AMON AMARTH / UNEARTH "Metal Blade 25Th Year In Video" [DVD]2007 - Death Metal from Sweden | Metalcore from United States

ARMORED SAINT - Lessons Not Well Learned
ARMORED SAINT "Lessons Not Well Learned" [DVD]2004 - Traditional from United States

ASPHYX - Death... The Brutal Way
ASPHYX "Death... The Brutal Way" [CD, Slipcase +DVD]Death/Doom Metal from Netherlands

BAKER GURVITZ ARMY "Still Alive" [2-CD +DVD]2008 - Rock from United Kingdom

BEHEMOTH - Demigod
BEHEMOTH "Demigod" [CD +DVD]2004 - Black (early)/Black/Death (now) from Poland

BEHEMOTH - Evangelia Heretika
BEHEMOTH "Evangelia Heretika" [2-DVD +CD]Black (early)/Black/Death Metal from Poland

BLIZZARD - Alcoholic Firetigers
BLIZZARD "Alcoholic Firetigers" [DVD]Speed/Thrash from Germany

CANDLEMASS "Chapter VI" [CD +DVD]Epic Heavy/Doom Metal from Sweden

CANNIBAL CORPSE - Monolith Of Death Tour 96 / 97
CANNIBAL CORPSE "Monolith Of Death Tour '96 / '97" [DVD]Death Metal from United States

CANNIBAL CORPSE / AMON AMARTH / SIX FEET UNDER - Metal Blade Records Digital Video Destruction
CANNIBAL CORPSE / AMON AMARTH / SIX FEET UNDER "Metal Blade Records Digital Video Destruction" [DVD]2005 - Death Metal from United States | Death Metal from Sweden

CANNIBAL CORPSE / GOATWHORE - Metal Blade Records 25Th Anniversary
CANNIBAL CORPSE / GOATWHORE "Metal Blade Records 25Th Anniversary" [2-DVD]2009 - Death Metal from United States | Black/Death Metal from United States

CARCASS - Heartwork
CARCASS "Heartwork" [CD +DVD, Digipak & Bonus Tracks]Goregrind/Grind, Melodic Death Metal from United Kingdom

CIRITH UNGOL - Servants Of Chaos
CIRITH UNGOL "Servants Of Chaos" [2-CD +DVD, Digipak]Heavy/Doom Metal from United States

CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER - The Lowlife Chronicles 1984-88
CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER "The Lowlife Chronicles 1984-88" [CD +DVD, Digipak]2016 - Thrash/Crossover from United States

DARK FUNERAL - Attera Orvis Terrarum Pt Ii
DARK FUNERAL "Attera Orvis Terrarum Pt Ii" [2-DVD]2006 - Black Metal from Sweden

DISMEMBER - Under Blood Red Sky
DISMEMBER "Under Blood Red Skies" [DVD]Death Metal from Sweden

DRAGONFORCE - Maximum Overload
DRAGONFORCE "Maximum Overload" [CD +DVD, Digipak]2014 - Power from United Kingdom

DRAGONFORCE - Reaching Into Infinity
DRAGONFORCE "Reaching Into Infinity" [CD +DVD]2017 - Power from United Kingdom

EXECUTER - 25 Years Thrashing Heads
EXECUTER "25 Years Thrashing Heads" [DVD]Thrash from Brazil

FATES WARNING - Perfect Symmetry
FATES WARNING "Perfect Symmetry" [CD +DVD]1989 - Heavy Metal from United States

HEARSE - Single Ticket To Paradise
HEARSE "Single Ticket To Paradise" [CD +DVD]Melodic Death/Death Rock from Sweden

HERMH - Cold Blood Messiah
HERMH "Cold Blood Messiah" [CD +DVD, Digipak]2008 - Black/Gothic/Atmospheric/Symphonic Black Metal from Poland

HERMH - The Spiritual Nation Born
HERMH "The Spiritual Nation Born" [DIGIPAK DVD]Black/Gothic/Atmospheric/Symphonic Black Metal from Poland

HIRAX - Thrash And Destroy
HIRAX "Thrash And Destroy" [DVD +CD]Thrash/Speed/Crossover from United States

INSECT WARFARE - Entomological Siege 2004/2009
INSECT WARFARE "Entomological Siege 2004/2009" [2-CD +DVD, Digipak]2019 - Grind from United States

IRON MAN - Generation Void
IRON MAN "Generation Void" [CD +DVD]Doom Metal from United States
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IRON MAN - The Passage
IRON MAN "The Passage" [CD +DVD]Doom Metal from United States
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KUOLEMANLAAKSO - Tulijoutsen Deluxe Edition
KUOLEMANLAAKSO "Tulijoutsen Deluxe Edition" [CD +DVD]2014 - Death/Doom from Finland

MANILLA ROAD - Mysterium
MANILLA ROAD "Mysterium" [CD +DVD]2013 - Epic Heavy/Power from United States

MARDUK - Germania
MARDUK "Germania" [CD +DVD]2016 - Black Metal from Sweden

MEMORY GARDEN - Carnage Carnival
MEMORY GARDEN "Carnage Carnival" [CD +DVD]Power/Doom Metal from Sweden

METALUCIFER - Bulldozing It True
METALUCIFER "Bulldozing It True" [DVD +CD]Traditional Heavy/Speed Metal from Japan

MORGOTH - Cursed To Live
MORGOTH "Cursed To Live" [2-CD +DVD]Death Metal from Germany

MURDER ISLAND - Motion Picture
MURDER ISLAND "Motion Picture" [DVD]2006 -

MUSIC WITH IMPACT "Compilation" [DVD]2007 -

NAZARETH - Hair Of The Dog Live
NAZARETH "Hair Of The Dog Live" [DVD]2008 - Rock from Scotland

NERVOCHAOS - 17 Years Of Chaos
NERVOCHAOS "17 Years Of Chaos" [2-DVD +CD]Death Metal from Brazil

PRIMORDIAL - All Empires Fall
PRIMORDIAL "All Empires Fall" [DVD]Celtic/Folk/Black Metal from Ireland

PROFANUM - Intelekt Kollapse : The Movie
PROFANUM "Intelekt Kollapse : The Movie" [DVD]Black/Dark Ambient/Classical from Poland

SAINT VITUS - Lillie: F-65
SAINT VITUS "Lillie: F-65" [CD +DVD, Digipak]Doom Metal from United States

SALEM - Live Demise
SALEM "Live Demise" [DVD]2004 - Death/Doom from Israel

SALEM - Underground
SALEM "Underground" [DVD +CD]Death/Doom Metal from Israel

SATYRICON - Live At The Opera
SATYRICON "Live At The Opera" [2-CD +DVD]2015 - Black Metal from Norway

THE CROWN - 14 Years Of No Tomorrows
THE CROWN "14 Years Of No Tomorrows" [DVD]Death/Thrash, Melodic Death Metal from Sweden

THE FORCE - Thrash Till We Die? Live
THE FORCE "Thrash Till We Die? Live" [DVD]Thrash from Paraguay

THE MEZMERIST - The Innocent, The Forsaken, The Guilty
THE MEZMERIST (Black Sabbath) "The Innocent, The Forsaken, The Guilty" [CD +DVD]Heavy/Doom Metal from United States

UNEARTH - Alive From The Apocalypse
UNEARTH "Alive From The Apocalypse" [DVD]2008 - Metalcore from United States

WHILE HEAVEN WEPT - Triumph:Tragedy:Transcendence
WHILE HEAVEN WEPT "Triumph:Tragedy:Transcendence" [CD +DVD]Epic Progressive/Power/Doom Metal from United States

WISHBONE ASH - 40Th Anniversary Concert: Live In London (A5)
WISHBONE ASH "40Th Anniversary Concert: Live In London (A5)" [DVD]2009 - Rock from United Kingdom

WISHBONE ASH - 40Th Anniversary Concert: Live In London
WISHBONE ASH "40Th Anniversary Concert: Live In London" [CD +DVD]2009 - Rock from United Kingdom

WISHBONE ASH - Live In Hamburg
WISHBONE ASH "Live In Hamburg" [DVD]2007 - Rock from United Kingdom