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SAVAGE MASTER - Myth, Magic And Steel EXCITER - 3 Classic Titles

AC/DC - Dirty Deeds: My Life Inside/Outside Of AC/DC
AC/DC "Dirty Deeds: My Life Inside/Outside Of AC/DC (BOOK]Hard Rock/Heavy Metal from Australia

BARDO METHODOLOGY - Issue #4: Profanatica, Taake, Countess
BARDO METHODOLOGY "Issue #4 [Magazine]2018 - Features: Profanatica, Taake, Countess"

BARDO METHODOLOGY - Issue #5: Blasphemy, Mystifer, Clandestine Blaze
BARDO METHODOLOGY "Issue #5 [Magazine]2019 - Features: Blasphemy, Mystifer, Clandestine Blaze"

BEHEMOTH - Devil's Conquistadors: A Behemoth Biography
BEHEMOTH "Devil's Conquistadors: A Behemoth Biography" [BOOK]2015 - Black (early)/Black/Death (now) from Poland

BLUTLEUCHTE - By Gerhard Halstatt
BLUTLEUCHTE "By Gerhard Halstatt" [BOOK]

CANNIBAL CORPSE - Bible Of Butchery: The Official Biography
CANNIBAL CORPSE "Bible Of Butchery: The Official Biography" [BOOK]Death Metal from United States

DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH - The Heavy Metal Photography Of Peter Beste
DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH "The Heavy Metal Photography Of Peter Beste" [BOOK]2019 -

DRITTI CONTRO UN MURO - Italian Hardcore Punk
DRITTI CONTRO UN MURO "Italian Hardcore Punk" [BOOK]2019 -

ENTARTETE KUNTS - Curated By Dennis Dread
ENTARTETE KUNTS "Curated By Dennis Dread" [BOOK]
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FEED THE BEAST "Issue #1" [Magazine]2019 - Features:

FORGOTTEN TOMB - Darkness In Stereo: Eine Symphonie Des Todes-Live In Germany
FORGOTTEN TOMB "Darkness In Stereo: Eine Symphonie Des Todes-Live In Germany" [CD, A5 Size, Digipak]2014 - Black/Doom from Italy

HANNS HEINZ EWERS - The Hearts Of Kings
HANNS HEINZ EWERS "The Hearts Of Kings" [BOOK]2016

HARUSPEX - Issue #1 (W/ Antediluvian 7")
HARUSPEX "Issue #1" [w/ Antediluvian 7"] [Magazine]Black Metal from Canada

HEADBANGERS - Issue #8: Sodom, Running Wild, Obituary
HEADBANGERS "Issue #8 [Magazine]2017 - Features: Sodom, Running Wild, Obituary"



IRON HAMMER - Issue #6: Nebiros, Overlorde, Venefixion
IRON HAMMER "Issue #6 [Magazine]2018 - Features: Nebiros, Overlorde, Venefixion"

ISTEN FANZINE "Churches" [Magazine]2017 - Features:

MASTERPIECES - Heavy Music Artwork 2018
MASTERPIECES "Heavy Music Artwork 2018" [BOOK]2018 -

MONOCHROMES - Heavy Music Artwork 2018
MONOCHROMES "Heavy Music Artwork 2018" [BOOK]2018 -

MURDER IN THE FRONT ROW - Shots From the Bay Area Thrash Metal Epicenter (Slayer, Possessed, Exodus & more!)
MURDER IN THE FRONT ROW "Shots From the Bay Area Thrash Metal Epicenter" [BOOK]Features: Slayer, Possessed, Exodus & More!

NYHC - New York Hardcore 1980-1990
NYHC "New York Hardcore 1980-1990" [BOOK]

POPOFF ARCHIVE 2 - Progressive Rock
POPOFF ARCHIVE 2 "Progressive Rock" [BOOK]2016 -

POPOFF ARCHIVE 4 - Classic Rock
POPOFF ARCHIVE 4 "Classic Rock" [BOOK]2017 -

POPOFF ARCHIVE 5 - European Power Metal
POPOFF ARCHIVE 5 "European Power Metal" [BOOK]2018 -

POPOFF ARCHIVE 6 - American Power Metal
POPOFF ARCHIVE 6 "American Power Metal" [BOOK]2018 -

RAINBOW - English Castle Magic
RAINBOW "English Castle Magic" [BOOK]Hard Rock (early), Heavy (Mid), Aor (later) from United Kingdom

SNAKEPIT - Issue 2
SNAKEPIT ZINE "Issue 2" [Magazine]Features: UFO, Razor, Raven, Venom, Overkill, Manowar, Jag Panzer, Gamma Ray, Metalucifer & More
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SNAKEPIT - Issue 1
SNAKEPIT ZINE / DESTRUCTOR "Issue 1" [Magazine +7" EP]Features: Exciter, Voivod, Exodus, Testament, The Rods, Heavy Load, Destructor, Nasty Savage, Tygers Of Pan Tang & More
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STEAL AWAY THE NIGHT - An Ozzy Osbourne Day-By-Day
STEAL AWAY THE NIGHT "An Ozzy Osbourne Day-By-Day" [BOOK]

STRAIGHT EDGE - A Clear-Headed Hardcore Punk History
STRAIGHT EDGE "A Clear-Headed Hardcore Punk History" [BOOK]2017 -

SWEDISH SENSASTIONSFILMS - A Clandestine History Of Sex, Thrillers, And Kicker Cinema
SWEDISH SENSASTIONSFILMS "A Clandestine History Of Sex, Thrillers, And Kicker Cinema" [BOOK]

TEEN MOVIE HELL - A Crucible Of Coming-Of-Age Comedies
TEEN MOVIE HELL "A Crucible Of Coming-Of-Age Comedies" [BOOK]2019 -

THE SINISTER FLAME - Issue #5 Aristocracy Of Wolves: Abigor, Nastrond, Mare
THE SINISTER FLAME "Issue #5 Aristocracy Of Wolves [Magazine]2016 - Features: Abigor, Nastrond, Mare"

THRASH ATTACK - Issue #11: Ashbury, Rapid, Eternal Champion
THRASH ATTACK "Issue #11 [Magazine]2017 - Features: Ashbury, Rapid, Eternal Champion"

UFO - Surviving The '70S With Ufo
UFO "Surviving The '70S With Ufo" [BOOK]2018 - Rock from United Kingdom

ULTRA DAMAGED - Damage Inc. Zine Anthology 1985-2017
ULTRA DAMAGED "Damage Inc. Zine Anthology 1985-2017" [BOOK]2017 -

VARG VIKERNES - Sorcery And Religion In Ancient Scandinavia
VARG VIKERNES "Sorcery And Religion In Ancient Scandinavia" [BOOK]2011 -

WE GOT POWER - David Markey And Jordan Schwartz
WE GOT POWER "David Markey And Jordan Schwartz" [BOOK]