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TOUCH AND GO - The Complete Hardcore Punk Zine _79-_83
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TOUCH AND GO "The Complete Hardcore Punk Magazine '79-'83" [BOOK]

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"The complete series 1979-1983. Twenty-two issues in one loud, fast volume. Ships in a hardcore fun pack with 1 1/4" metal badge, sinister new wave black balloon, and more!

576 stiff full-sized 8.5" x 12" pages

Introductory essays by Tesco Vee, Dave Stimson, Steve Miller, Henry Rollins, Keith Morris, Peter Davis, Henry Owings, Byron Coley, Corey Rusk, John Brannon, and Ian MacKaye.

Moisten your earholes with fresh words wet from the mouths of author Tesco Vee and editor Steve Miller:

"I was inspired by how fearless and together Touch and Go were. They were really wild and extremely funny."-Henry Rollins

"It was really one of the first times anyone outside of Washington really paid us any mind. The fact that Touch and Go took an interest in us really blew us away."-Ian MacKaye, Minor Threat

"Creem may have taught me how to piss, but Touch and Go taught me how to shit. I owe my career to that magazine."-John Brannon, Negative Approach

"Anyone who's ever published a true DIY fanzine owes at least a small debt to Touch and Go"-Decibel

Touch and Go bookTouch and Go bookTouch and Go 3/4 exteriorTouch and Go interiorTouch and Go interior

Touch and Go interiorTouch and Go interiorTouch and Go interiorTouch and Go interiorTOC page 1

TOC page 2TOC page 3Tesco Vee and Ian MacKayeimg_01241 1/4 inch metal badge

Negative Approach, Tar BabiesMinor Threat, Meatmen, Negative ApproachSSD / Gang Green / Meatmen

Touch and Go fanzine was the brainchild of Tesco Vee and Dave Stimson and was launched in Lansing, Michigan, in 1979. Major fanatics of the new punk happenings in the late '70s, TV and DS set out to chronicle, lambaste, ridicule, and heap praise on all they arbitrarily loved or hated in the music communities in the US and abroad.

In laughably minuscule press runs by today's standards, T & G was made by guys within the Midwest scene strictly for the edification of scenesters and pals in other cities like DC, Philly, Boston, LA, SF, Chicago, et al. Inspired by magazines such as Slash and Search and Destroy and writers like Claude Bessy and Chris Desjardines, TV and DS pumped out seventeen naughty, irreverent issues together, and TV did another five solo.

Magazines like Forced Exposure and Your Flesh, among others, soon fired up Xerox machines themselves, and the rest is history. So is the legendary independent record label launched from this zine, and so are the bands covered inside: Black Flag, Minor Threat, the Misfits, Negative Approach, the Fix, the Avengers, the Necros, Discharge, Iron Cross, Youth Brigade, Faith, Die Kreuzen, Crucifix, Poison Idea-and all the other punks worth their weight in glorious black and white."

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