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IRON MAN - Generation Void
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IRON MAN "Generation Void" [CD +DVD]

Doom Metal from United States
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Record Label : Shadow Kingdom
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Detailed Description
Coming into their 3rd full length effort, IRON MAN showed no sign that they ever missed a beat in the early 90's. There was a 5 year gap between releases, but you wouldn't know it because this album is just as strong as the rest of the IRON MAN catalog, if not more so. This was originally released on John Perez's (from SOLITUDE AETURNUS) label, Brainticket Records back in 1999, with just the original album tracks. This re-issue contains all the original tracks re-mastered plus 4 bonus rehearsal tracks and a full live gig on DVD.

1. On The Mountain
2. Boston Strangler
3. Survivor
4. King Of Kings
5. Winds Of Change
6. Generation Void
7. As The Gods Have Spoken
8. Ironica Blue
9. Forever Yours
10. Shadows Of Darkness
11. Juggernaut
Bonus Tracks
12. Generation Void
13. Forever Yours
14. On The Mountain
15. As The Gods Have Spoken

12-31-99 Phantasmagoria, Wheaton, Maryland
1. On The Mountain
2. Leaving Town
3. Boston Strangler
4. Generation Void
5. Forever Yours
6. King Of Kings
7. Harvest Of Earth
8. Unjust Reform
9. As The Gods Have Spoken
10. Iron Warrior
11. Survivor
12. Black Night
13. Into The Void

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