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HAUNT - Mind Freeze SAVAGE MASTER - Myth, Magic And Steel

AFTERMATH - Eyes Of Tomorrow
AFTERMATH "Eyes Of Tomorrow" [12" 2-LP, Gatefold]1994 - Technical/Progressive Thrash from United States
Price $19.99

ALICE IN CHAINS - Jar Of Flies / Sap (Limited Edition)
ALICE IN CHAINS "Jar Of Flies / Sap (Limited Edition)" [12" 2-LP, Black Vinyl, Gatefold]1994 - Rock from United States

DEMONIAC - The Birth Of Diabolic Blood
DEMONIAC "The Birth Of Diabolic Blood" [CD]1994 - Black Metal from New Zealand

DISSONANCE - Look To Forget / The Intricacies Of Nothingness
DISSONANCE "Look To Forget / The Intricacies Of Nothingness" [CD]1994 - Technical Death Metal from Slovakia

EMPEROR - As The Shadows Rise
EMPEROR "As The Shadows Rise" [PATCH, Textile]1994 - Symphonic Black Metal from Norway

ENSLAVED "Frost" [12" LP, Gatefold]1994 - Progressive Black/Viking from Norway
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ETERNAL SOLSTICE - Remnants Of Immortality
ETERNAL SOLSTICE "Remnants Of Immortality" [CD]1994 - Death Metal from Netherlands

EXOTO - Carnival Of Souls
EXOTO "Carnival Of Souls" [CD]1994 - Death/Trash from Belgium

FATES WARNING "Inside Out" [CD, Digipak]1994 - Heavy Metal from United States

KATATONIA - For Funerals To Come
KATATONIA "For Funerals To Come" [CD]1994 - Doom/Death, Depressive Rock from Sweden

LAST VISION BLACK - Last Vision Black
LAST VISION BLACK "Last Vision Black" [MCD]1994 - Progressive from United States

MORBIUS - The Shades Below
MORBIUS "The Shades Below" [12" LP]1994 - Death Metal from United States
Price $20.99

MORTA SKULD - As Humanity Fades
MORTA SKULD "As Humanity Fades" [12" LP]1994 - Death Metal from United States

PUNGENT STENCH - Club Mondo Bizarre For Members Only
PUNGENT STENCH "Club Mondo Bizarre For Members Only" [CD, Digipak]1994 - Death Metal from Austria

SABBAT - Fetishism [Fallen Angels]
SABBAT "Fetishism [Fallen Angels]" [CD]1994 - Black/Thrash from Japan

SABBAT - Fetishism
SABBAT "Fetishism" [12" 2-LP, Gatefold]1994 - Black/Thrash from Japan

THE MODERN ART - All Aboard The Mind Train
THE MODERN ART "All Aboard The Mind Train" [CD]1994 - Psychedelic Rock from United Kingdom

UFO - Ufo 2 Flying
UFO "Ufo 2 Flying" [CD]1994 - Rock from United Kingdom

VLAD TEPES - Celtic Poetry
VLAD TEPES "Celtic Poetry" [CD]1994 - Black Metal from France

VOND - Selvmord
VOND "Selvmord" [CD, A5 Size, Digipak]1994 - Dark/Ambient from Norway

WARGASM - Fireball
WARGASM "Fireball" [CD]1994 - Thrash from United States

ZEPHYROUS - Everlasting Fire
ZEPHYROUS "Everlasting Fire" [CD]1994 - Black Metal from Greece