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AFTERMATH "Eyes Of Tomorrow" [12" 2-LP, Gatefold]

1994 - Technical/Progressive Thrash from United States
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IN STOCK NOW! Pressed on traditional black vinyl and red/grey colored vinyl. Co-released by Shadow Kingdom Records & Hells Headbangers Records. We also have great quality T-Shirts and double CDs in stock!.

Hells Headbangers and Shadow Kingdom Records have teamed up with the Technical Thrash Metal Titans, AFTERMATH!! AFTERMATH was formed in 1985 as four-piece band. In the beginning they were determined to play faster than any other band, which ultimately they helped pioneer a genre. Their blend of thrash metal and hardcore went on to be known as "Crossover". The seminal demo "Killing the Future" received massive critical response by all the major fanzines and metal magazines of the day, including: Metal Forces and Kerrang. With the addition of a second guitarist, the five-piece completely shifted directions. With the release of their "Words that Echo Fear" demo in 1989, the band left behind their hardcore influences and helped pioneer Progressive/Technical Thrash metal. The Words demo served as a prelude to a dark, complex, technical, progressive and truly original piece of musical brilliance -" Eyes of Tomorrow". "Eyes of Tomorrow" is one of the most overlooked Thrash Metal albums ever. The record was mainly written in 1988, but due to their record label's bankruptcy in 1990, the record wasn't released until 1994. By then, Thrash Metal was dead and "Eyes of Tomorrow" died along with it. Had this brilliant record been released when it was recorded along with a proper release, AFTERMATH would have reached its appropriate place in thrash metal's hierarchy. With the recent resurgence of Thrash Metal, today's metal fans are starting to appreciate these lost gems more and more; and in AFTERMATH's case - metal fans are already discovering this brilliantly written album. The reissue features the re-mastered version by Paul Logus, an expanded booklet and improved layout. It also includes 5 bonus tracks: 4from the '96 demo and 1 from the Words demo - since the other songs were rerecorded on the "Eyes of Tomorrow" album. This lost classic album is re-issued properly with the band and label working together every step of the way. It celebrates the AFTERMATH's 30th anniversary and is the perfect complement to the band's reemergence after a 20-year breakup. The DOUBLE CD version will be limited to only 500 copies as well as the DOUBLE LP version. We wanted to offer a cassette version as well, but the track listing and run time made it impossible to fit everything on the cassette the way we wanted it to flow.

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AFTERMATH - Eyes Of Tomorrow
AFTERMATH "Eyes Of Tomorrow" [T-Shirt]
2015 - Technical/Progressive Thrash from United States
$15.99 - $19.99
AFTERMATH - Eyes Of Tomorrow
AFTERMATH "Eyes Of Tomorrow" [2-CD]
1994 - Technical/Progressive Thrash from United States