TEMPLE OF VOID - Lords of Death HORRIFIED - Allure Of The Fallen

AFTERMATH - Eyes Of Tomorrow
AFTERMATH "Eyes Of Tomorrow" [12" 2-LP, Gatefold]1994 - Technical/Progressive Thrash from United States
Price $19.99

AGRETATOR - Delusions
AGRETATOR "Delusions" [CD]1994 - Death Metal from Sweden

BEHERIT - H418Ov21.C
BEHERIT "H418Ov21.C" [CD]1994 - Black/Dark Ambient from Finland

BESTIAL WARLUST - Vengeance War 'til Death
BESTIAL WARLUST "Vengeance War 'til Death" [CASSETTE]1994 - Black Metal from Australia

BESTIAL WARLUST - Vengeance War 'til Death
BESTIAL WARLUST "Vengeance War 'til Death" [CD, Digipak]1994 - Black Metal from Australia

CHOKEHOLD - Prison Of Hope
CHOKEHOLD "Prison Of Hope" [12" LP]1994 - Hardcore from Canada

CHRIST AGONY - Sacronocturn
CHRIST AGONY "Sacronocturn" [CD, Digipak]1994 - Black Metal from Poland

CIRCLE - Meronia
CIRCLE "Meronia" [12" 2-LP, Gatefold]1994 - Rock from Finland

DARK WIZARD - Devil's Victim
DARK WIZARD "Devil's Victim" [CD]1994 - Heavy Metal from Netherlands

DARK WIZARD - Reign Of Evil
DARK WIZARD "Reign Of Evil" [CD]1994 - Heavy Metal from Netherlands

DARKTHRONE - Transilvanian Hunger (Modern Invasion)
DARKTHRONE "Transilvanian Hunger (Modern Invasion)" [CD]1994 - Death (early), Black (mid), Punk/Black/Heavy (later) from Norway

DEMENTOR - The Church Dies / Morbid Infection
DEMENTOR "The Church Dies / Morbid Infection" [CD]1994 - Brutal Death Metal from Colombia

DESOLATE - Sanity Obliterated
DESOLATE "Sanity Obliterated" [CD, Digipak]1994 - Death Metal from United States

DESULTORY - Bitterness
DESULTORY "Bitterness" [CASSETTE]1994 - Death Metal from Sweden

DISSONANCE - Look To Forget / The Intricacies Of Nothingness
DISSONANCE "Look To Forget / The Intricacies Of Nothingness" [CD]1994 - Technical Death Metal from Slovakia

DOOMSTONE - Those Whom Satan Hath Joined
DOOMSTONE "Those Whom Satan Hath Joined" [CD]1994 - Black/Doom/Heavy Metal from United States

ETERNAL SOLSTICE - Remnants Of Immortality
ETERNAL SOLSTICE "Remnants Of Immortality" [CD]1994 - Death Metal from Netherlands

EULOGY - The Essence / Dismal
EULOGY "The Essence / Dismal" [CD]1994 - Death Metal from United States

EXOTO - Carnival Of Souls / The Fifth Season
EXOTO "Carnival Of Souls / The Fifth Season" [12" 2-LP]1994 - Death/Trash from Belgium
Price $24.99

EXOTO - Carnival Of Souls
EXOTO "Carnival Of Souls" [CD]1994 - Death/Trash from Belgium

HAZAEL "Thor" [CD]1994 - Death/Doom/Gothic from Poland

IMPALED NAZARENE / BEHERIT - Day Of Darkness Festival
IMPALED NAZARENE / BEHERIT "Day Of Darkness Festival" [CD]1994 - Black Metal from Finland | Black/Dark Ambient from Finland

IN FLAMES - Lunar Strain
IN FLAMES "Lunar Strain" [CD, Digipak]1994 - Melodic Death (early), Modern (later) from Sweden

IN FLAMES - Subterranean
IN FLAMES "Subterranean" [CD, Digipak]1994 - Melodic Death (early), Modern (later) from Sweden

K.WEST - First Invasion
K.WEST "First Invasion" [CD]1994 - Heavy Metal from Belgium

KOENJIHYAKKEI - Hundred Lights Of Koenji
KOENJIHYAKKEI "Hundred Lights Of Koenji" [12" LP]1994 - Progressive Rock from Japan

MONASTYR - Never Dreaming
MONASTYR "Never Dreaming" [CD]1994 - Death Metal from Poland

MOONSPELL - Under The Moonspell
MOONSPELL "Under The Moonspell" [MCD]1994 - Folk Black (early), Gothic (Middle Carreer), Gothic/Black (now) from Portugal

MORBIUS - The Shades Below
MORBIUS "The Shades Below" [12" LP]1994 - Death Metal from United States
Price $20.99

MUTIILATION - Vampires Of Black Imperial Blood
MUTIILATION "Vampires Of Black Imperial Blood" [CASSETTE]1994 - Black Metal from France

PHLEBOTOMIZED - Immense Intense Suspense / Skycontact
PHLEBOTOMIZED "Immense Intense Suspense / Skycontact" [2-CD, Digipak]1994 - Doom/Death Metal from Netherlands

PYPHOMGERTUM / DAWN - The Dark Light / The Eternal Forest
PYPHOMGERTUM / DAWN "The Dark Light / The Eternal Forest" [CD]1994 - Death Metal from Mexico | Black/Death Metal from Sweden

ROTTING CHRIST "Non Serviam" [CD]1994 - Grind (First Demos), Black (early), Black/Gothic (now) from Greece

SATYRICON - Dark Medieval Times
SATYRICON "Dark Medieval Times" [PATCH, Textile]1994 - Black Metal from Norway

SOLSTICE - Lamentations
SOLSTICE "Lamentations" [CASSETTE]1994 - Epic Doom from United Kingdom

VADER - Live In Japan / Sothis
VADER "Live In Japan / Sothis" [2-CD]1994 - Death/Thrash from Poland

VLAD TEPES - Celtic Poetry
VLAD TEPES "Celtic Poetry" [CD]1994 - Black Metal from France

VOND - Selvmord
VOND "Selvmord" [CD, A5 Size, Digipak]1994 - Dark/Ambient from Norway

WARGASM - Fireball
WARGASM "Fireball" [CD]1994 - Thrash from United States