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UNHOLY CADAVER" [Hammers Of Misfortune] "Unholy Cadaver" [12" 2-LP, Gatefold +CD]

Black/Death W/ Traditional Influences from United States
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Shadow Kingdom Records is pleased and proud to present this amazing piece of metal history. Hammers Of Misfortune is a band who we're all pretty familiar with now and if you're not familiar with them, then you probably will be soon because they just'signed over their back catalog to Metal Blade Records. Unholy Cadaver is basically pre-Hammers Of Misfortune. Anyone who was fortunate enough to hear the 3 song Unholy Cadaver demo is in for a treat because this release contains all of their material, a lot of which has never been leaked until now. The music is very unique Epic / Traditional Heavy Metal with Black Metal influences. They're a one of a kind band and if you've heard Hammers Of Misfortune's 'The Bastard' album, these songs are very much like that album and arguably better. The release has an entire history of the band, band phot's, lyrics, and also this is a very unique release because this is a Double LP with a CD inside. The vinyl and CD have been individually mastered so (just to be clear) the music on the vinyl has been indeed mastered for vinyl and the CD inside was mastered for CD.

Side A
1. Intro
2. On This Final Night
3. Fuck the Galactic Police
4. Skeletal Hands

Side B
5. The Waif With Sunken Eyes
6. Unsheathe The Sword Of Blasphemy
7. Speed Demon

Side C
8. Hammers of Misfortune

Side D
9. Kloven Septum

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