TAUTHR - Life-Losing
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TAUTHR "Life-Losing" [CD, Digipak]

Death/Black Metal from Germany
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Detailed Description
Limited first edition comes as nice digipack with booklet including lyrics and information.

Welcome, then, to a world of old-school, crushing, mid-tempo black metal, with a good chunk of death thrown in for good measure.
Black/death, you say? Well, expect no Dissection... While I'm pretty sure there are more relevant comparisons, this Life-Losing reminds me a bit of Katatonia's Brave Murder Day, only faster (and not really doom). That's all those droning, repetitive riffs, and bleak atmosphere, for sure. As you can guess, don't even try to find some uplifting music in here, especially seeing the title.
Granted, the very nature of the guitar play, and the fact that most of the songs are simply mid-tempo, with almost no speed changes whatsoever, can be a problem. Most of them do sound a bit the same, and can induce drowsiness and/or lack of interest. Thankfully, there is a certain groove that makes this album not totally boring. In fact, the riffs quite envelop you, and drag you in their world - one strangely comfortable given the nature of the music. Plus, there is also some relentless and fast death metal pounding ("Perfect", "Crown"), just to spice up things a bit.
Given the nature of this endeavor, you'd expect some raw production, right? And gues what, it is. It's gritty, but also powerful; something really fitting for sure.

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Germany | Death/Black