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SAVAGE MASTER - Myth, Magic And Steel EXCITER - 3 Classic Titles
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Death Metal from Finland
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Record Label : Doomentia
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Detailed Description
Does Lasse Pyykk_ actually ever sleep? No he doesn't, well too busy being locked in his dungeon pulling out one after another the vilest riffs on this side of the Styx since AUTOPSY's Shitfun. And since he takes deadly serious his mission to bring back the ugliness in metal, he has came up with another old-school death-metal oriented project, like if his previous crimes with CLAWS, HOODED MEANCE or ACID WITCH weren't enough. But to ensure it'd be the right fist in the face of so-called modernity and PC-approved death-metal, he's teamed up this time around with another extreme metal workaholic, and currently the only known Scandinavian musician able to rival his hysterical recording pace, Rogga Johansson from PAGANIZER, DEMIURG, RIBSPREADER (and zillions others) fame. And guess how the result _ known as SWARMING _ sounds like?! Yep, like ENTOMBED-meets-MASSACRE-meets-AUTOPSY in a dark alley after midnight, high on crack and cheap alcohol.

"It was about time for me to collaborate with Rogga Johansson! It was funny and interesting idea as we both are known for having several bands/projects. More importantly: it worked out well!

I want to emphasize that Swarming is not just another project for project's sake! Aren't there enough of those during these times of "quantity over quality" type of dumb mentality?

To give you a purulent taste of what's to come, we offer you two Swarmingtracks on this stinking (yeah, in this context it is a positive adjective!) split 7" EP with our maniac Japanese friends from Zombie Ritual! Enjoy the stench!" -Lasse 1.7.2010

Joining for this split 7 inches and for the fun are zombies-obsessed (as their name implies) Tokyo's ZOMBIE RITUAL. Like if such albums' titles as 'Night Of The Zombie Party', 'Zombie Eat Zombie' or our personal favourite 'Zombie Vomit Zombie' weren't clear yet... And guess what's the name of those maggots-filled new song?! "Zombies from The Forbidden Sea" of course darling. Sweet isn't it?!

Oh and to add insult to injury, renowned graphic designer Mark Riddick has come up with another graphic abomination perfectly echoing the utter creepiness of those three tracks of terror.

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Finland | Death
Japan | Death/Thrash
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