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STONEGRIFF - Come Taste The Blood
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STONEGRIFF "Come Taste The Blood" [CD]

2015 - Doom from Sweden
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Record Label : Metal On Metal
Original Year : 2015
Detailed Description

The Swedish heavyweights STONEGRIFF are here with their sophomore album to crush the skulls of the non-believers! This is Doom Metal in its purest form. The lava of molten riffs keeps on pouring and engulfing your condemned soul, while the tortured screams rise from the pits of hell to the heavens above. There seems to be no escape, but after a while, hypnotized, you don't want to leave anymore... This album sucks you in with its foreboding atmosphere, it's got this irresistible feeling, this alchemy that is able to corrupt souls and consciences. The vocals are particularly noteworthy here, from clean to raspy mid-range, to high pitched wails and screams, which add a sense of desperation. A fitting, full-bodied production rounds up this doomy goodness. If you long for true, uncontaminated traditional doom, in the vein of BLACK SABBATH, KRUX, CANDLEMASS, LAS CRUCES, IRON MAN, PENTAGRAM, SAINT VITUS or SPIRITUS MORTIS, look no further: STONEGRIFF are delivering the goods!

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Sweden | Doom
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