SIEBENSUNDEN / TERATOLOGEN - Glad Dig Du Kristi Luder / Herrens Djuriska Njutning
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SIEBENSUNDEN / TERATOLOGEN "Glad Dig Du Kristi Luder / Herrens Djuriska Njutning" [CD]

Sludge/Doom Metal from Sweden
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Record Label : I Hate
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Detailed Description
GL_ D DIG DU KRISTI LUDER/HERRENS DJURISKA NJUTNING with TERATOLOGEN's acid-dripping and poignant lyrics accompanying the miserable audible sloth of SIEBENS__NDEN's can be seen as an answer to the ?"righteous?" fanatic Christians new morality movement. Put simple it is guaranteed to give you a new angle on the subject of Christian sects and religious indoctrination. That is, if you know Swedish?€_if not you will still be able to lap up the slowly flowing audible bile which should be a feast for Sludge maniacs, Doomsters, miserable punks, Black Metal misfits and industrial psycho's alike. The later listener category is also likely to be the ones most fascinated by the sound of SIEBENSUNDEN's own home made instruments, while the BM aficionados will appreciate the extremely blasphemous message. Siebens__nden equals very obscure Swedish Sludge Core with members of WARCOLLAPSE, FARCIAL, DOM D_ R, COUNTERBLAST and TOLSHOCK. The band has been more or less (more less than more though, ehr?€_) active for over ten years and have released two full length albums up till the present day. Nikanor Teratologen is famous in Sweden for the much hated and much loved _ ldreomsorgen i _ vre K__gedalen book and other classics.

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Sweden | Sludge/Doom
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