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EXCITER - 3 Classic Titles EXCUSE - Prophets From The Occultic Cosmos
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  Rotten Roll Rex

E.B.D.B. - Choking On The Body Of Christ
E.B.D.B. "Choking On The Body Of Christ" [CD]
2016 - Brutal Death Metal from Belgium
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ENEMA SHOWER - Sadomazoo
ENEMA SHOWER "Sadomazoo" [CD]
2020 - Grindcore from Slovakia
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GOREGONZOLA - Dick Im Geschaft
GOREGONZOLA "Dick Im Geschaft" [CD]
2018 - Death/Grindcore from Germany
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RAZORRAPE - Stripped To Kill
RAZORRAPE "Stripped To Kill" [CD]
2018 - Death/Grindcore from Sweden
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