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OLD MAN GLOOM - The Ape Of God #2
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OLD MAN GLOOM "The Ape Of God #2" [CD, Digipak]

Sludge/Ambient/Noise from United States
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Record Label : Profound Lore
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Original Year : 2014
Detailed Description
Everyone's favorite band in the entire universe, namely OLD MAN GLOOM, have completed work on their new album 'The Ape Of God'. In what will present itself as some of the most engaging and triumphant work that the simian worshiping collective of Aaron Turner (Isis, Mamiffer, SUMAC), Nate Newton (Converge/Doomriders), Caleb Scofield (Cave In), and Santos Montano have conjured to date, 'The Ape Of God' comprises itself of songs that range within the realm of the eclectic, noisy, ambient and experimental with of course the gargantuan steamroller heaviness that plows and forges its way through this work of monolithic sonic art. Basically what one can only expect from the legendary and influential OLD MAN GLOOM, who made their glorious return several years ago to an unsuspecting public with their 'NO' album after an eight year hibernation period. As for the concept and meaning behind the title 'The Ape Of God', this refers to what Aaron Turner describes as 'a medieval reference to the trickster archetype, or the devil. The trickster archetype is associated with the following characteristics: 'a fondness for sly jokes and malicious pranks, his power as a shape shifter, his dual nature, half animal, half divine, his exposure to all kinds of torture, and ? last but not least ? his approximation to the figure of a saviour' (CG Jung).

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United States | Sludge/Ambient/Noise