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NUNSLAUGHTER - Devil Metal Tribute
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NUNSLAUGHTER "Devil Metal Tribute" [CD]

Devil Metal Death Metal from United States
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Record Label : Dark Forest
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Detailed Description
Over 30+ tracks of some of the most underground of extreme metal have been placed in honor of one of the most cult and underground death metal groups around, NUNSLAUGHTER...

Abigail - Guts Of Christ
Among The Decayed - Immune To Poison
Anima Damnata - Satanic Slut
Black Torment - Killed By The Cross
BlasphemophagheR - I Am Death
Brody's Militia - Slut Burner (Satanic Slut/Burning Away)
Ceremonial Castings - As The Cacodemons Feast
Church Bizarre - Church Bizarre
Cianide - Black Horn Of The Ram
Crucifixion Wounds - Ritual Of Darkness
Damnation Army - Midnight Mass
Deathsaw - Hell Yawns Before You
Executioner Of Christ - Jesus Is Doomed
Exorcism - Athiest Ways
Fondlecorpse - Sacrificial Zombie
Front Beast - Sickened By The Sight Of Christ
Grief Of Emerald - Cataclysm
Mutilated Messiah - Lucifer
Nightspawn - Satanic Slut
Nocturnal - I Saw Your God Die
Rademassaker - Sacrificial Zombie
Scorched-Earth - INRI
Slugathor - Power Of Darkness
The Dead - Saw Me
Throneum - She Lives By Night
Toxic Holocaust - Emperor In Hell
Tjolgtjar - Devil Metal
Vampyro - The Guts Of Christ
Victimizer - In The Graveyard
Weeping Birth - Cataclysm
Witchburner - Death By The Dead
World Of Lies - Obsessed With The Visions Of A Satanic Priest
Splatterhouse - Blasphemy


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