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AGATHOCLES / DEGENERHATE "Split" [7" EP]2016 - Grind from Belgium | Death/Grindcore from Italy

ANAL BLASPHEMY - Sermons Of A Sodomite
ANAL BLASPHEMY "Sermons Of A Sodomite" [7" EP]Death/Black Metal from Finland

ATTIC - Sanctimonious
ATTIC "Sanctimonious" [12" 2-LP, White Vinyl, Gatefold]2017 - Heavy Metal from Germany

ATTIC - Sanctimonious
ATTIC "Sanctimonious" [CD, Digipak]2017 - Heavy Metal from Germany

BATTLE AXE - Long Way Home
BATTLE AXE "Long Way Home" [CD]2017 - Heavy/Glam from United States

BATTLE AXE - We'Re On The Attack
BATTLE AXE "We'Re On The Attack" [CD]2017 - Heavy/Glam from United States

BLACK DEATH - Black Death
BLACK DEATH "Black Death" [CASSETTE]1984 - Heavy Metal from United States

CARONTE "Yoni" [12" LP]2017 - Doom/Stoner from Italy

CARONTE "Yoni" [CD, Digipak]2017 - Doom/Stoner from Italy

CEREBUS - Regression Progression
CEREBUS "Regression Progression" [CD]2017 - Heavy/Power from United States

CEREBUS - Too Late To Pray
CEREBUS "Too Late To Pray" [CD]2017 - Heavy/Power from United States

CLOCKWORK - Kill In Time
CLOCKWORK "Kill In Time" [CD]2017 - Technical Thrash/Groove from Switzerland

CONCATENATUS - Aeonic Dissonances Beyond Light's Consumption
CONCATENATUS "Aeonic Dissonances Beyond Light's Consumption" [12" LP]2016 - Atmospheric Black/Doom from Chile

CONTRASTIC - Contrastic
CONTRASTIC "Contrastic" [12" LP]2016 - Death/Grindcore from Czech Republic

DEATHHAMMER - Chained To Hell
DEATHHAMMER "Chained To Hell" [CASSETTE]2018 - Thrash from Norway

DIABOLI - Anthems Of Sorrow
DIABOLI "Anthems Of Sorrow" [12" LP]2017 - Black Metal from Finland

DIABOLI - Mesmerized By Darkness
DIABOLI "Mesmerized By Darkness" [12" LP]2017 - Black Metal from Finland

DIABOLI - Towards Damnation
DIABOLI "Towards Damnation" [12" LP]2017 - Black Metal from Finland

FUELED BY FIRE - Spread The Fire
FUELED BY FIRE "Spread The Fire" [CD]Thrash from United States

GASP - Sore For Days
GASP "Sore For Days" [CD]1996 - Sludge/Death Metal from United States

GRAVEHILL - When All Roads Lead To Hell
GRAVEHILL "When All Roads Lead To Hell" [CD]Death/Black/Thrash from United States

GROSS REALITY - Escaping Reality
GROSS REALITY "Escaping Reality" [CD]2017 - Thrash from United States

HOUR OF 13 - The Ritualist
HOUR OF 13 "The Ritualist" [12" LP +7" EP, Gatefold] *corner dingDoom/Heavy Metal from United States

IRON MAN - South Of The Earth
IRON MAN "South Of The Earth" [CD]Doom Metal from United States

IRONFLAME - Lightning Strikes The Crown
IRONFLAME "Lightning Strikes The Crown" [CD]2017 - Power from United States

LADY KILLER - Lady Killer
LADY KILLER "Lady Killer" [CD]2017 - Heavy Metal from United States

MORAST - Ancestral Void
MORAST "Ancestral Void" [CD, Digipak]2017 - Black/Doom from Luxembourg

NECROCURSE - Shape Of Death
NECROCURSE "Shape Of Death" [SHAPED MCD]2010 - Death Metal from Sweden

NUNSLAUGHTER - Damned In Japan
NUNSLAUGHTER "Damned In Japan" [7" 4-EP Box Set, Black Vinyl]2007 - Devil Metal Death Metal from United States

OCCULT 45 / DRONES FOR QUEENS "Split" [7" EP]2013 - Grindcore from United States | Hardcore/Grind from United States

PAGAN ALTAR - The Room Of Shadows
PAGAN ALTAR "The Room Of Shadows" [CASSETTE]2017 - NWOBHM, Doom from United Kingdom

PRIMIGENIUM - All Your Tears Will Be Ours
PRIMIGENIUM "All Your Tears Will Be Ours" [MCD]Black Metal from Spain

TARANIS - Moon Silver Mask
TARANIS "Moon Silver Mask" [MCD]1993 - Black/Thrash from Belgium

TEMPLE OF BAAL / RITUALIZATION - The Vision Of Fading Mankind
TEMPLE OF BAAL / RITUALIZATION "The Vision Of Fading Mankind" [CD, Digipak]2011 - Black Metal from France | Blackened Death Metal from France