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NECROSADIST - Abstract Satan
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NECROSADIST "Abstract Satan" [12" LP]

Raw Black Metal from United Kingdom
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Record Label : Blood Harvest
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Detailed Description
Abstract Satan is a proper head-first initiation into the abyss of NECROSADIST; a forty-six minute blistering deluge of Raw Necro Violence. Serpentine, dynamic song structures gnarling and twisting together titanic, gargantuan riffs, intense blasting machinegun violence, slit-throat vocals that are vomited - not sung, obscure and hypnotic atmospheres, chaotic, wailing guitar solos screaming from the netherworlds and hints of occult psychedelia - all pointing in the only direction possible: downwards towards Hell. _____ '_______ ________, _____ ________! Also features lyrical contributions courtesy of KHZ (Bestia ArcanaMalchiraEvangelivm) and MkM (AosothAntaeus).
You are nothing but flesh..

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United Kingdom | Raw Black
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