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MIDAS TOUCH - Presage Of Disaster
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MIDAS TOUCH "Presage Of Disaster" [2-CD]

Technical Thrash/Speed Metal from Sweden
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Record Label : Divebomb
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Detailed Description

Unlike San Francisco, New York City and Germany, Sweden was never quite the hotbed for thrash activity in the '80s, but there was one band that made plenty of ?Noise? with their first demo tape, Ground Zero. The self-released cassette from Uppsala?s MIDAS TOUCH rapidly made its way through trading circles and as such attracted attention from a prominent German metal label Noise Records. The label that counted acts like Helloween, Vendetta and Coroner on their storied roster, eventually signed Midas Touch on the strength of their demo.

Producer Roy M. Rowland (Laaz Rockit, Kreator, Testament) was brought in to work on what would become Midas Touch's sole album, 1989's Presage of Disaster. A rollicking romp of technical thrash in the vein of Deathrow, Sabbat and D.B.C., the album garnered raves from the metal literati, eventually gaining sales in excess of 60,000 units.

But along the pathway to assured success Midas Touch?s flame was extinguished, ending their run while demoing material for their unreleased second album, The Deliberate Stranger. As unfortunate as their early demise was, Midas Touch unquestionably still left its mark on the metal world with their menacing debut,Presage of Disaster.

The album has been out of print for nearly 20 years and fetching high dollar collector prices online, but MIDAS TOUCH has remained a cult favorite with die-hard thrash fans. This Presage Of Disasterdeluxe edition contains brand new mastering and a redesigned 16 page booklet with scrapbook style memorabilia clippings of the band?s history plus new interview and essay. It also includes two never before released pre-production demos from the band?s personal vaults and their debut Ground Zero cassette. For the fans, by the fans.

1. The Arrival 
2. Forcibly Incarcerated 
3. Sinking Censorship 
4. When The Boot Comes Down 
5. True Believers Inc. 
6. Reminiscence 
7. Sepulchral Epitaph 
8. Lost Paradise 
9. Accessory Before The Fact 
10. Aceldama ? Terminal Breath 
11. Subhumanity (A New Cycle)

The Deliberate Stranger Demo Sessions ? 1990 
12. The Deliberate Stranger 
13. Source Of Discontent 
14. So Shall You Reap

Noise Records Demo ? 1988 
1. Forcibly Incarcerated (Involuntary Custody) 
2. Pow Wow 
3. True Believers Inc. 
4. When The Boot Comes Down 
5. (The Shape) Of Rage

Ground Zero (Demo Tape ? 1987) 
6. Pow Wow 
7. (The Shape) Of Rage 
8. When The Boot Comes Down 
9. Subside Vision 
10. Strikezone 
11. M.A.D. (Armed For Justice) 
12. The Dice 
13. Masquerade 
14. Instant Blaze 
15. Tatsch Tooo Matsch

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