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Black/Depressive Rock from Sweden
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Record Label : Total Holocaust
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The last year we were greeted by the presence of "Pulver", the debut album of Lifelover. A band that got my attention like none other. Lifelover's personal expression through their music, was like none other that I have encountered during my countless of years dealing with Black Metal (in general). So it was a breeze of fresh (putrid) air that lingered through the room when I heard their music. "Erotik" picks up where "Pulver" left us. And it's a work that takes all the great ideas from their debut and takes them onto another level. Their work has matured, the song structures and lyrics are for me sharper on this album. The music is something that proves to be hard to describe. Take hints of Joy Division and The Cure and pour it into a cauldron filled with gloom, depravity and social realistic lyrics. Clean singing mixed with agonizing vocals with an emphasis on the choke hold that this society has on all of us. Drugs, self-destruction, illness and a struggling to understand this existence. Lifelover doesn't hold the answers, but it delievers like no other band has done before. And this is truely the most stellar and perfect works that has graced me with it's presence. Comes with a 20-page full colour booklet, printed with heavy and thick paper for the best result. Full lyrics and visuals that will leave you shackled to the ground while Lifelover molests your mind.

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Sweden | Black/Depressive Rock
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