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BLACK DIAMOND - Black Diamond
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BLACK DIAMOND "Black Diamond" [Digital Download]

1982 - Traditional Heavy Metal from United States
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Record Label : Shadow Kingdom
Original Year : 1982

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SHADOW KINGDOM RECORDS is proud to announce a special reissue of the mythic self-titled album by New York's BLACK DIAMOND, set to be released on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Formed in the summer of 1976 in Long Island by young-blood guitarist Bobby Huber and drummer Patrick Hull, BLACK DIAMOND perfectly encapsulates the wild energy of the era, as heavy rock of the 1970s shifted into full-blown heavy metal fury.

Born out of pure enthusiasm and a desire to combine driving metal guitar riffs with great melodies, the young group set to work and dived into the thriving live scene around Long Island, quickly refining their songwriting.

Strongly inspired by the metal alchemy that JUDAS PRIEST had achieved, the band recorded and released their first-and-only record as an independent album in 1982, before the tides of time pulled the group apart.

That record, 'Black Diamond' remains as a testament to the quality that the band achieved over its relatively short life. Brimming with raw passion, Huber’s soaring and earnest vocals trade off against ripping leads, fast-rocking riffs, and a propulsive drum and rhythm performance. Tracks like ‘Power Ride’ and ‘Metal to Metal’ leave the listener in no doubt as to the band’s hunger and youthful charm.

Sure to appeal to fans of classic bands that pioneered the drive from rock to heavy metal, like BUDGIE, JUDAS PRIEST and WINTERHAWK, the record remains a special artifact from this unique period of US heavy metal history. The group achieved a unique sound of their own that late 70s and early 80s fanatics will quickly appreciate, with the record being packed with blazing highlights and flair.

Also completely unique to this new reissue, the CD version of 'Black Diamond' will feature a very special set of brand new tracks which were recorded by guitarist Bobby Huber in 2018. These tracks have never been released until now.

Additionally, the CD and LP reissues are set to feature a revamped version of 'Power Ride', a highlight from the record, as the old LP featured a damaged channel. Now at last, this exceptional album can be enjoyed exactly how it was meant to be heard.

Lovingly repackaged and handled with the respect that an album like this deserves, this reissue of BLACK DIAMOND’s self-titled record demands the attention of any fans of this legendary period in US heavy metal history.
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