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2021 - Depressive Black/Funeral Doom from United Kingdom
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Record Label : Northern Silence / Eyes Like Snow
Original Year : 2021
Detailed Description
We are watching the disintegration of our past-held moral structures in real time. The paradigms of what we held as unshakeable, unquestionable truth be brought to the ground. Be this through decades of struggle or in the blink of an eye, we've watched people fight for recognition for what others in positions of power - often unearned - take for granted. Several cycles of history have gone through this same phenomenon time and time again, and yet as a species we are blind to it due to our own untenable nature of greed. 'Trisagion' is a term meaning 'Thrice Holy' and used to denote an orthodox hymn in three parts. Each of the songs on 'Trisagion' are split into three movements. Over the last six years I've composed these three songs that each deal with the increased cynicism and disdain of how I have come to view the world. The way we cling to long-outdated paradigms to guide us rather than what we see in front of us and the refusal to take one another at face value, the rise of fascism as a means to bolster one's sense of self and divide and the habitual method of destroying the planet we live on for short term gain at the expense of those that will come after us. The esoteric emotions that I feel towards others and the way I relate them to my own way of coping. The impressionistic artwork of Trisagion, expertly done by Phil Lang, shows the terrifying way one can see these paradigms - as terrifying structures to be feared, obscure yet stark contours; yet old, disintegrating, and with a generation desperately clinging to their foundations hoping not to crumble under their weight. 'Trisagion' is a black metal album equally as challenging as its subject matter - uncompromising track lengths that don't waste a moment, eschewing repetition in favour of purposeful construction. Despite its raw intensity, it relies on huge symphonic undercurrents to carry its message as well as an array of textural exploration that Ethereal Shroud has yet to foray into. Six years is a long time to follow up a record, argued by some to be a standalone masterpiece. It no longer stands alone. Creating this record was no small feat - financially, emotionally and physically it was a draining experience. However, I could not be prouder of the result and I'm ready to reveal it to the world. Thank you for paying attention.

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United Kingdom | Depressive Black/Funeral Doom
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 Northern Silence / Eyes Like Snow $10.99 - $51.99