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FADHEIT - Inhaling The Trauma
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FADHEIT "Inhaling The Trauma" [CD]

2020 - Depressive Black Metal from Poland
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Record Label : Putrid Cult
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Original Year : 2020
Detailed Description
Fadheit are a duo hailing from Poland. With a moniker translating to "Dullness" in English, Fadheit fittingly create a depressive black metal sound that's dark, desolate, and yet surprisingly tuneful. Now, following a debut EP in 2018, Fadheit make their first full-length appearance with Inhaling the Trauma. Originally self-released digitally and now seeing CD release through Putrid Cult, Inhaling the Trauma drags the listener down into a dark well of hopelessness and despair with paradoxically uplifting lead guitars. Or, rather, Fadheit's melodies are so immediately memorable, one almost doesn't realize the suicidal intentions behind them... In any case, Inhaling the Trauma is indeed aptly titled, as the duo's largely downtempo stride is tortured yet exact, emotive yet remorseless, well-recorded yet raw in feel. Highly recommended for maniacs of Joyless, Amesoeurs, Lifelover, Hypothermia, and old Shining.

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Poland | Depressive Black
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