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THE PATH OF MEMORY - Hell Is Other People
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THE PATH OF MEMORY "Hell Is Other People" [CD, Digipak]

2020 - Death rock from Switzerland
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Record Label : Iron Bonehead
Original Year : 2020
Detailed Description
Although an otherwise brand-new entity, the creator behind THE PATH OF MEMORY is a veteran of the black metal scene - but this newest creation is most definitely NOT black metal. Dark, yes, and undoubtedly blackened, THE PATH OF MEMORY paint bleak vistas of ghostly, shadow-enshrouded deathrock. Seemingly different for IRON BONEHEAD that may be, but bear in mind the label's continuing fostering of such elite deathrock bands as LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR and ROPE SECT and this should come as no surprise. Darkness takes many forms, after all... Aptly titled, Hell is Other People is THE PATH OF MEMORY's debut recording. A tight and compact 35 minutes spread across 11 shimmering songs, Hell is Other People evokes the sort of desolation and despair so endemic to modern urban experience - the choked and claustrophobic expanse of concrete and steel that are cities, the grime and slime living beneath, the ennui of experiencing all this daily. As such, each of those 11 songs evokes a similar-yet-different sensation, each one a divergent-yet-related portrait of inner spiritual struggle and yawning emptiness. Some take on a more atmospheric aspect, while others hit upon a more driving pulse; altogether, THE PATH OF MEMORY indeed lays forth a path that triggers memories lost and languishing. Or, perhaps let some of the song titles themselves paint the (desolate, despairing) picture: "I Tried and I Failed," "Alone, Alive," "It Hurts Me," and the gallows-humor closer "I Skulled the World." To restate the should-be-obvious, darkness takes many forms, and IRON BONEHEAD seeks to shine a light on that darkness. THE PATH OF MEMORY point the way so that you, too, may know that Hell is Other People...

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Switzerland | Death Rock