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IMPRECATION / BLACK BLOOD INVOCATION - Diabolical Flames Of The Ascended Plague
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IMPRECATION / BLACK BLOOD INVOCATION "Diabolical Flames Of The Ascended Plague" [2-CD]

2019 - Black/Death Metal from United States | Black/Death Metal from Greece
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Record Label : Regain / Blooddawn
Original Year : 2019
Detailed Description
Truly titled, Diabolical Flames of the Ascended Plague brings together two of the most bestial death metal cults of the modern era. IMPRECATION, of course, fought the good fight for most of the '90s, crafting a handful of now-classic EPs and demos that displayed their vision as being decades ahead of the game. Reinvigorated in 2009, IMPRECATION have only continued to get better and better, belying their veteran status as band: most their age wimp out, but not these Satanic Texas warlords! Here, they deliver two exclusive tracks (plus mystical outro) which hammer and slice, doom and dredge, whipping forth a maniacal warlust that's as black and bewitching as it comes. Of especial note is a rerecording of the 1994 track "Emperor of Infernal Spirits," which features guest vocals by Seth Decay of Ritual Decay and Morbus 666. Not to be outdone, BLACK BLOOD INVOCATION likewise deliver three exclusive tracks (plus atmosphere-setting intro) that continue the malevolent momentum created by their preceding EP and demo. As such, their militantly pulsing blackgrind purports a uniquely Greek aspect, goatly and ominous and drawing down the moon. While influences of Archgoat and VON were indeed clear before, now are the duo setting upon more individualist ground, tantalizing the devout for their inevitable full-length debut. With always classic artwork courtesy of the master Chris Moyen, Diabolical Flames of the Ascended Plague is a gutsfucking, middle-fingered statement of intent from the allied forces of IMPRECATION and BLACK BLOOD INVOCATION!"

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