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QUICKSAND DREAM - Beheading Tyrants
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QUICKSAND DREAM "Beheading Tyrants" [CD]

2016 - Epic Heavy Metal from Sweden
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Record Label : Cruz Del Sur
Original Year : 2016
Detailed Description
Quicksand Dream is a Swedish Heavy Metal band that was originally formed in 1988. After splitting up in 1993, the band reformed as a duo (Patrick Backlund and Goran Jacobson) around 1996, keeping a low profile and mainly serving as a creative outlet for writing and recording songs every now and then. Beheading Tyrants is the first try at making an album since Aelin (2000), originally released in 30-CDR copies and later re-pressed in 2010 by Chris Black's (Pharaoh, High Spirits, Dawnbringer) own label Planet Metal (vinyl version on High Roller Records). Patrick Backlund is also the forming member of the doomy Hard Rock band Mortalicum with whom he has released four albums. Quicksand Dream also features Henrik Hogl and Andreas Haggstrom, who are both handling the drumming on this recording. "Beheading Tyrants" can be described as an EPIC METAL album with many DOOM elements. Don't expect pounding, Manowar-syle epic metal here. Imagine a crossover between "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" and mid 80s Manilla Road instead. The EPIC VIBE resides not only and always in the HEAVY component but it's rather a matter of atmosphere, introspective elements and a sense of impending tragedy. In this scenario the bass lines assume the role of leader of the dance, perfectly matched by vocalist Goran Jacobson's sympathetic interpretation and by a clever use of guitars, with some great solos and a diligent rhythmic work. It's no surprise that it took Quicksand Dream 16 years to provide the follow up of "Aelin". In some ways "Beheading Tyrants" is really an album from the past. Not the urge to follow a specific style's features, but rather to give out something personal to a dedicated audience. Recommended for fans of Manilla Road, Solstice, Cirith Ungol, Black Sabbath.

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Sweden | Epic Heavy
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