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DEATH WOLF - Death Wolf
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DEATH WOLF "Death Wolf" [12" LP, Black Vinyl]

2019 - Punk from Sweden
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Record Label : Regain / Blooddawn
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Original Year : 2019
Detailed Description
It was Morgan Hakansson, guitar player and founding member of black metal legend Marduk, who formed a Misfits and Samhain cover band called Devils Whorehouse in the year 2000. Shortly afterwards they already started writing original material with Morgan handling bass duties yet being the main composer which they released on their highly acclaimed albums "Revelation Unorthodox" (2003), "Blood & Ashes" (2009) as well as on the EPs "The Howling" (2000) and "Werewolf" (2008). Over the years Devils Whorehouse became more than just a tribute band. So they decided that it is about time for a change. The strong connections to The Misfits especially due to singer Maelstrom's Glenn Danzig-style vocals were not doing justice to the music and philosophy behind the orchestra anymore - they had simply outgrown their name. After more than a decade the Swedish horror punks laid Devils Whorehouse to rest and changed its moniker while significantly expanding their sound in terms of variety and impact. The hour of the wolf had come - DEATH WOLF was born. In spring 2011 they released their much lauded self-titled debut album „Death Wolf" via the now defunct Regain Records. Parallel to Marduk signing to Century Media Records, DEATH WOLF teamed up with the label, too, under exclusive license from Morgan's own imprint Blooddawn Productions. The second chapter in the band's history now begins with DEATH WOLF's brand new album "II: Black Armoured Death" which will see its worldwide release in February 2013. Rounded off by a striking cover artwork that perfectly catches the spirit of their music, the wolves are well prepared to make you all howl for more: Bare, nasty and horrid black punk rock with a dash of darkened metal. The second DEATH WOLF opus will include 13 tracks that showcase a heavy increase in diversity. While the band's debut was still paying homage to Glenn Danzig's legendary acts the sound of the upcoming record is way more independent, self-confident and dynamic. "II: Black Armoured Death" offers a wide musical spectrum fans of sinister punk as well as metalheads with a soft spot for all things gloomy and energetic will instantly embrace. Singer Maelstrom nowadays broadened his Danzig-impersonation with some raging shouting resulting in a more intense and powerful listening experience. Besides some obviously Danzig-influenced material there are also some short sharp shocks like "Sudden Bloodletter", "World Serpent" and the blistering title track which will grab you by the neck due to its super-catchy chorus and untamed, bestial aggression which refers to more traditional hardcore or even thrash metal. Preceded by the "Bloodscent" 7" EP containing two album songs with a different mix and vocal arrangement which has been released mid-December 2012, you should better hurry up to get these rare vinyls and get yourself all hyped up for the full dose of Black Armoured Death. On the live front, DEATH WOLF has already announced a full US tour together with Marduk, Moonspell and Inquisition in February and March 2013! Not imaginable how many stress and strains this will mean for Morgan who plays in two bands on the bill, but a true wolf's soul will not break under this double duty. Until then, enjoy this dark punk/metal massacre and heed the DEATH WOLF's nightly call.
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