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DASZU - Zone Of Swans/Lucid Actual
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DASZU "Zone Of Swans/Lucid Actual" [12" 2-LP, Black Vinyl]

2018 - Post-Punk from United States
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Record Label : Lion
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Original Year : 2018
Detailed Description
Excavation of astounding underground post-punk recorded from 1979-1983. Vinyl edition comes in a heavy-duty tip-on jacket. First time on vinyl for all tracks If there's one thing we've learned from doing reissues for twenty years, it's that there is often a lack of justice in the arts. All too often, the intensely talented are shunted aside, or not able to access the means to a greater hearing, or marginalized (or eradicated) by larger societal (commercial) (racial) (political) forces, to name just three potential prongs of an art-crushing pitchfork. The less an artist's work can be categorized, the greater the odds of being an eternal outsider. The more pure those artistic efforts are, the greater the chance they cannot be categorized. Such is the case with the music of Daszu. They were three, and minimal. Bass, synthesizer and drums. I'd like to tell you that the music of Daszu reminds me of This Heat. I'd like to tell you that the music of Daszu reminds me of the Pop Group... or A Certain Ratio... or as some have suggested, early Devo. It does, in purity of intent -- in the great expansive reach of the attempt, and the self-assurance of the resulting music. This intensity of intention is evident in the dark, burbling and buzzing electronics; in the propulsive drumming; in the insistent bass-lines; in the emotional vocals; and in the evocative and poetic lyrics.
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United States | Post-Punk
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