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UNDIVINE - A Deceitful Calm
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UNDIVINE "A Deceitful Calm" [CD]

2006 - Black/Death Metal from Sweden
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Record Label : Aural Offerings
More From : UNDIVINE
Original Year : 2006
Detailed Description
Catalog Number: AOF007CD

Classic sounding Swedish Death / Black Metal in the stormy, dark and atmospheric vein of early DISSECTION, DAWN, SACRAMENTUM, DARK FUNERAL, early NAGLFAR, EMBRACING, VINTERLAND, VARGAVINTER, and GATES OF ISHTAR-- all now considered as the 'Old-School' of mid-90's Swedish Black Metal! UNDIVINE features IN AETERNUM and WITHERED BEAUTY members!
8 Songs (37:04 minutes); Limited-Edition import CD from Aural Offerings, France; manufactured in Germany, and distributed by Twilight-Vertrieb. (2008)


1. My Silence (5:28 )
2. The Chaos Prayer (3:25)
3. ...And The Word Was War (4:46)
4. In Lust And Disgust (3:44)
5. Cold Dead Heart (5:44)
6. A Vision Undivine (4:26)
7. The Cleansing (3:19)
8. Catholic (6:12)

- - -

* Excerpts of an Online Review found at Metal Archives:

UNDIVINE 'A deceitful calm' CD * Score = 90%
Review Written by Phuling on July 21st, 2008
Originally posted at: http://www.mylastchapter.net

"It"s finally here, the debut album by Undivine. It was ages ago since I first heard they were recording it, and it"s been delayed for reasons unknown to me. Delayed for so long that they"ve even had time to record their second album before the first one even got released. Let"s hope that one doesn"t take as long to hit the streets.

"...the vocals... sound much like those of SACRAMENTUM; meaning harsh and raw screams with an undertone of gurgle... SACRAMENTUM would also be a fair comparison music-wise, if you blend in DISSECTION and a touch of LORD BELIAL.

UNDIVINE is a collection of seriously talented lads, as some riffs are almost orgasmic. The entire song 'In lust and disgust' is one long set of mesmerizing riffage, combined with trance-inducing vocals. The tunes are so skillfully written it"s extremely hard to believe it"s a debut. And no matter the speed, I"m always [headbanging] and stomping along. And speaking of speed, I"m surprised to have some of their slower material as favourites, like for instance 'In lust and disgust' and 'Catholic'. However, I"m in no way negative towards their killer blasting counterpart 'The cleansing', which possesses an amazing guitar solo.

The musicianship is flawless, as well as the full and warm sound of the recording... trust me, this is an album of powerful melodic death/black metal."

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