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2013 - Black Metal from United States | Death Metal from Netherlands
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Record Label : Dybbuk
More From : PYRE
Original Year : 2013
Detailed Description
Review No Clean Singing: You will have a hard time believing this when you hear Entrapment's two songs, but this band appears to be a one-man project (at least for recording purposes), the one man being Michel Jonker from Groningen in The Netherlands. According to Metal-Archives, this split was preceded by three demos and a 2012 full-length album (The Obscurity Within...). Entrapment's music has a very different sound from Pyre's - with a more rancid, radioactive, nails-on-the-chalkboard sound, raw like a bleeding wound. "Graves Disease" is utterly ghoulish, a dynamic, 7+ minute monster that fully justifies its length. The guitar work is rich and varied, and never less than decimating. But Jonker's reverberating vocals may be the most memorable aspect of the song - they're both horrifying and electrifying, evil and bestial. The second track, "Festering Slumber", is much shorter but no less riveting. It's a d-beat marauder, again dominated by Jonker's ghastly vocals and lit up from within by scalding guitar leads. Really compelling, vicious music.

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