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OBJEKT4 - Mindscars
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OBJEKT4 "Mindscars" [2-CD, Digipak]

2007 - Electronic from United States
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Record Label : Regimental
More From : OBJEKT4
Original Year : 2007
Detailed Description
Catalog Number: REG0OBJCD

Limited-Edition DOUBLE-CD set in DIGIPAK from Regimental Records-- for the low price of a single mini-album!

*Objekt4 should be read as one word, read 4 in roman numbers and you get Objektiv, objective in swedish. Objekt4 is all about an open mind, not bound to any sound, style or approach, putting SOUND in as complete focus as possible.*

"Started off as a digital synthesis programmer and acoustic designer in early student years, before moving on to sound design and film music. The introduction to korean and japanese horror movies spawned a keen interest in expanding sound design into music by creating various hybrids between field recordings and ambiences / sounds of everyday life with musical instruments and musical approaches, creating musical ambience rather than ambient music. Started recording music as 'Objekt4' in 2003. After releasing two horror soundtrack-styled albums in 2003-2004 the approach was altered and changed into other sounds and styles such as 'Her face among the shadows' (2004-2005), a journey into hallucinogenic experimental dub and trip-hop inspired industrial ambient soundscapes, 'Elementality' (2006), based on sounds of earth, water, fire and wind, and guitar, bass, drums and a female voice, creating various hybrids between all these sound elements, and 'Insomniactivity' (2007), using 6-string electric and 12-string acoustic guitar, analogue feedback, water and a female voice as sound material."

* Influences:

Sounds of everyday life, basically. Not from the chatter on the bus or the sounds from crowded streets, but rather the sounds of the 'silent' places scattered around. Abandoned places, empty places, the slums, the spaces left out in architectural blueprints (sometimes inhabitated by homeless). Occasionally one can hear the sounds from the crowded streets, or maybe music from somewhere in the far distance, but it sounds quite different. Mixed with faint winds, some other small noises like paper rustling, a door creaking, and other barely audible sounds. These are the kind of sounds that inspire Objekt4. The "ghost sounds of everyday life"...

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