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DIMENTIANON - Hossanas Novus Ordo Seclurum
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DIMENTIANON "Hossanas Novus Ordo Seclurum" [CD]

2007 - Death/Black Metal from United States
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Record Label : Non Compos Mentis
Original Year : 2007
Detailed Description
Catalog Number: NCM22796CD

Non Compos Mentis Records is proud to announce the release of DIMENTIANON "Hossanas Novus Ordo Seculurum" CD. Brutal yet technical, chaotic but structured, this band has been kicking around the underground for over a decade, and this is their most polished work to date. 9 tracks of Blackened Death Metal, professionally recorded and mastered, including a RIGOR SARDONICOUS cover song.

* An Online Review written by the godly BM Logo-Artist, Christophe Szpajdel:

This is the first band i would like to label personally as "Extreme Evolutive Art Deco Metal)...as when listening to this album, i feel like it would be a musical interpretation of what William Van Alen (who designed the Chrysler Building) and Albert J.Evers (who designed the Old Oakland Floral Depot on telegraph Avenue, San Francisco) would have put in music. Dimentianon is simply majestic, grandiose and megalithic, like a massive monolith posturing and imposing its tyrannic grandeur. William Van Alen's grandiose mind would be perfectly depicted in such songs like "Your Flesh is Mine to Exploit" where you can clearly feel the dimensions of dementia such powerful architects would develop when designing their skyscrapers. "To be crowned King and Stabbed to Death" is an allusion to the fall of Macbeth for his tyranny but in a much more abstract way... "Terribilis Es Locus Iste"... is the apotheosis of this album, kept in a savagely brutal, everflowing... like a torrent of non-stop madness you need to feel the music and read between the lines...then you will only find out what i wrote about this album CLEARLY makes sense...IT CLEARLY MAKES SENSE!!! This album is just extremely original....as it is demented-- it is extreme evolutive art deco metal! This is simply a stunning band!!!

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