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SLIDHR - The Futile Fires Of Man
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SLIDHR "The Futile Fires Of Man" [CD, Digipak]

2018 - Black Metal from Ireland
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Original Year : 2018
Detailed Description

Taken from the full length "The Futile Fires Of Man" to be released late June.
Irish Black Metal force Slidhr was formed in 2005 as the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Joseph Deegan, at the time one half of cult Black Metal group Myrkr. After exploring Dark Germanic Heathenism through Myrkr, Deegan envisioned Slidhr as an entity devoted to the inexorable destructive power harnessed by the indifferent forces of nature, and a vessel of his scorn for a plaguelike humanity unworthy of salvation.

Throughout a career spanning thirteen years Slidhr has made its mark on the underground with its unique brand of Black Metal which is as creative and unpredictable as it is venomous and unrepentant.

Upon formation Slidhr was quickly picked up by esteemed French label Debemur Morti, and the band's early years saw a prolific string of releases which caused a stir among an increasingly zealous and revitalised Black Metal genre. In three years as many releases saw the light of day, first an eponymous demo and EP, before a split LP with compatriots Rebirth of Nefast was released on legendary french label End All Life Productions.

In the coming years Slidhr bided it's time in the shadows, slowly growing stronger and awaiting the moment to strike. Frequent collaborator Wann had at this point relocated to Iceland, and their ongoing collaboration led Joseph to come in contact with the burgeoning Icelandic Black Metal movement. Drummer Bjarni Einarsson was subsequently enlisted to provide his now renowned skill and finesse to the band. The first release of the revamped Slidhr lineup was debut full length album Deluge, a 10 track epic which saw the band's sonic scope broaden significantly, further honing the alchemy between raging malice and daring experimentation.

Following the release of Deluge, the connection to the Icelandic circle grew stronger, and a full live lineup was assembled featuring members of Sinmara and Rebirth of Nefast.

Slidhr's first concert appearance took place in 2015, marking a decade from the band's formation, as the band performed at the revered Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, New York City alongside Sinmara, Volahn, One Tail, One Head and more. A maiden concert appearance in Slidhr's native Ireland followed at Siege of Limerick in October.

Also marking Slidhr's ten year anniversary as a band was the Spit of the Apostate MLP, now on notorious Norwegian imprint Terratur Possessions.

Slidhr then embarked on its first full tour in 2016, the Dimensional Nomads European Tour alongside Shrine of Insanabilis and Sinmara.

2016 also saw Slidhr perform at the inaugural Oration festival in Iceland, spearheaded by frequent collaborator Wann. Oration would become an annual event for the next three years with Slidhr taking part in all three renditions.

Further festival appearances followed, among them Prague Death Mass, Caledonian Darkness in Glasgow, Scotland, and Inferno Festival in Norway, which has long since came to be regarded as an institution in extreme metal worldwide.

The long awaited sophomore full length, "The Futile Fires Of Man", will finally be released the 20th of July.

"The Futile Fires Of Man" sees Slidhr's recording lineup expanded to a power trio, with Garoar S Jonsson of Sinmara and Almyrkvi taking the reins as bassist.

A masterful labyrinthine journey through feverish and feral traditional Black Metal tinted with psychedelic progressive flourishes and nauseating tempo- and mood shifts, "The Futile Fires Of Man"* showcases Slidhr at its most ravenous and accomplished, claiming Slidhr's stake firmly at the forefront of the modern Black Metal scene.

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