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INFERNAL DEATH - Infernal Death
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INFERNAL DEATH "Infernal Death" [12" LP, Black Vinyl]

2018 - Death Metal from Poland
Stock:  Yes
Record Label : Buried By Time And Dust
Original Year : 2018
Detailed Description
Most metal maniacs know ABSU and NECROVORE from Texas, but then most people are only informed by what is obvious. While metalheads are so very often exposed to the idea that not many decent black metal bands can come out from the United States , the most annoying claims came from the people who insisted that PROFANATICA and GRAND BELIAL'S KEY laid groundwork for the black metal of USA (as conceited "Nordic black metallers" will be likely to tell you like a historian), and that everything before was a clean blank slate. What utter rubbish, fallacy and a case of ignorance. INFERNAL DEATH was one of the American black metal band people will never know, and hell yes they were from Texas and they rules over those so called black metal bands. Their name no doubt was inspired by the legendary DEATH and these guys from El Paso are devilishly talented musicians who commanded a huge following in their area. "Incantations Of The Gates" demo sounds nothing like NECROVORE, SATHANAS, HELLHOUSE or PREACHER. INFERNAL DEATH had ventured too far out into the depths of hell, bringing back a CURSE unto their music, which permeates with nondescript dread and atmosphere of evil that even SODOM and BATHORY tried to steer clear of in their earlier careers. The hypnotic metal of black antiquity simply hypnotize the crowd, and caused quite a stir in the underground with just 50 (!!!) copies spreaded throughout the world, some copies landing up in Singapore. Yet, fate decided to turn her back on these satanic deviants, leaving no redemption for their evil souls and they never negotiated the record deal with Beta Records that people were speculating, and they had to cast their shadows in oblivion. Now, let's take a look in detail of the demo. Somehow the maniacs of Kenny Smith (guitars), Paul Russ (bass/vocals) and Ben Ulrich (drums) were oblivious of the fact that they were in the ages of techno-thrash, and obsessively pursued the blackness of the ancients, coupled with their own twists from their insane minds. Their sound is characteristic of old black metal of the purest form, as can be heard from tracks like "The Rites Of The Ensnarer", "Take Me To Hell", where they pushed an ugly envelope of darkness with extremely catchy and wild guitar riffs, that sounded like a bastard hybrid of SODOM, POSSESSED and crazed drums that blast like SARCOFAGO, BATHORY and mosh like SLAUGHTER LORD. The vocals is accentuated with a bestial grit in the Tom Angelripper-vein (although it's sicker!), as you can hear from the samples below, every bit conjuring images of necrophilliac lust. The finest thing about these black metallers is they are so good at writing and performing those wicked numbers! Just hear the way crazy SLAYER-like lead guitars shred hell on the demo, and the killer rhythms that constantly paint revolving pictures of the inferno. Samples of their music are provided below the page and YOU make the judgement. Shemhamforash!

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