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BLOODBARK - Bonebranches
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BLOODBARK "Bonebranches" [CD, Digipak]

2018 - Atmospheric Black Metal from Russia
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Record Label : Northern Silence / Eyes Like Snow
Original Year : 2018
Detailed Description
Bloodbark is an anonymous project with no country of origin. The decision to remain anonymous stems from a desire to let the art present itself without any distractions. The story of Bloodbark began long ago, but came together recently; it is a connection of nature and music, of individuals and commonality. An intertwining of words, images and sound produced a harmony that gives place to everyone. Words tell the story that is carried through the wind, while the images invite all to visit the places that the sound paints inside the mind. This project comes from established names, who decided to instead step back and rather share a piece of their home, a piece of nature that belongs to all who listen. With the digital release of Bonebranches in 2018 the veil has been pulled and the light of day shone in. Not long after, Northern Silence Productions decided to add to the story and took Bloodbark under their wing to ensure a physical release in the near future.

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Russia | Atmospheric Black