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SATANIC TORMENT - Submit To The Lord Of Darkness
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SATANIC TORMENT "Submit To The Lord Of Darkness" [CD]

2018 - Black/Death Metal from Finland
Stock:  Yes
Record Label : Bestial Burst
Original Year : 2018
Detailed Description
Ass heavy and obscure Finnish black/death metal. Imagine early Barathrum, early Autopsy Torment and DDTM era Beherit mixed with the madness of early Impaled Nazarene. Not some lame ass retro version though, their touch is fresh yet rotten and in their songs Satanic Torment also dives deeper in the experimental stages of primitive and powerful aural hell. All by seasoned veterans known through last couple of decades from Slugathor, Evil Angel, Autopsy Torment, Goatsodomy, Azazel and a few more established Finnish and Swedish underground black and death metal bands. Extremely powerful production courtesy of D-studios (Beherit, Skepticism etc.).

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Finland | Black/Death
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