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V1 / GIBRALTAR - The Spaceward Super Sessions
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V1 / GIBRALTAR "The Spaceward Super Sessions" [CD]

2015 - Rock/Heavy Metal from United Kingdom | Rock/Heavy Metal from United Kingdom
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Record Label : High Roller
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Original Year : 2015
Detailed Description
Dennis Wilcock is a true legend. He joined Iron Maiden, today the biggest metal band in the world, as the lead singer following one Paul Mario Day (who later went on to front More and sing for Andy Scott's Sweet). But in 1977, with the addition of keyboarder Tony Moore, cracks began to show within the band. Dennis definitely had his own vision of where Iron Maiden needed to be heading to become successful: 'I knew that we had to move forward a bit more with Maiden. I was looking for a fuller sound, almost like a rock AOR sound, with a bit more musical ability. Tony Moore was an incredible keyboard player, he was very good. He came in but I don't really think it worked for Steve. In the end it just erupted.' Dennis Wilcock did not take long to form his own band V1 in 1978. They recorded one demo tape at Spaceward studios. The line-up of V1 recording the three tracks 'V1', 'Schoolgirl' and 'The Runner' consisted of Dennis Wilcock (vocals), Terry Wapram (guitar), Elliot White (guitar), Charle Borge (bass) and Alan Black (drums). In early 1979, Dennis Wilcock joined forces with guitarist Tony Miles and his band Gibraltar. The line-up of Gibraltar that recorded the the three tracks 'You Drive Me Crazy', 'Mrs Marshall' and 'Sixteen And Loose' (again at Spaceward studios) was made up of Dennis Willcock (vocals), Tony Miles (guitar), Micky Tickton (bass) and Jim Lassen (drums). Other line-ups of Gibraltar included Tony Parsons and Ron 'Rebel' Matthews. Bob Sawyer auditioned as a guitarist sometime in 1979 but did not join the band. Parsons, Matthews and Sawyer had all earlier been in Iron Maiden! For 2015 there are plans to resurrect Gibraltar. Tony Miles: 'Along with the other guys in the band, I never thought that Gibraltar would ever reform, so the new interest from Iron Maiden fans and others from around the world has been quite a nice surprise for us.' Dennis Wilcock adds: 'With the new Gibraltar we will possibly do 'Prowler' with my original lyrics. I have been told by the Iron Maiden family, by the fans, that they would welcome my version of 'Iron Maiden', of 'Prowler', of 'Charlotte The Harlot', of 'Transylvania', whatever.' Recording a new Gibraltar studio album does not seem to be impossible either...
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