CHASTAIN - The Voice of the Cult SACRIFICE - Torment in Fire / Forward to Termination / Soldiers Of Misfortune
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ORIGIN "Chaosmos" [12" LP, Gatefold]

2022 - Technical Brutal Death Metal from United States
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Monolith was originally released in 2010 to CD and LP. Since both formats have been out of print and are hard to come by, the demand for a reissue has become evident. In response to rising requests, Agonia Records will make "Monolith" available once again in CD and LP, but this time with a twist. The centerpiece of this re-release will be a vinyl available in three color configurations. While the original LP featured only one carrier of sound, the reissue (which will include a high volume cut) will be split into two separate discs, in order to improve the album's sound quality. As far as clothing goes, a brand new t-shirt design is expected.

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