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CAESTUS "The Undoer's Key" [CD, Digipak]

2021 - Black Metal from Finland
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Unshackling themselves further from the usual classic Finnish black metal sound, CAESTUS now make their full-length debut before the year's end: The Undoer's Key. Another apt title, The Undoer's Key continues CAESTUS' strive toward their own black metal sound where the old mood meets more "modern" twists. And twist it does, spanning nine songs of pure wrath where not a single note of keyboards was played this time and tremolo leads were kept to a minimum - and even then, only to serve a purpose. Thus, here you will find no artificial "atmosphere" but, rather, strong 'n' stout riffs with layered guitar patterns, prominent(ly filthy) bass, similarly storming drums, and their most violent vocals yet. Suitably, form matches content, as the album's lyrical themes cover classic anti-Christian declarations accompanied by a misanthropic warrior mentality and spitting on modern-day plagues.

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