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SAVAGE MASTER - Myth, Magic And Steel EXCITER - 3 Classic Titles
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  Iron Pegasus / Rock Saviour

DESASTER - Tyrants Of The Netherworld
DESASTER "Tyrants Of The Netherworld" [12" Picture LP, Gatefold]
2020 - Black/Thrash from Germany
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DESTROYER 666 - Terror Abraxas
DESTROYER 666 "Terror Abraxas" [12" MLP, Black Vinyl]
2019 - Blackened Thrash from Australia
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INFERNAL ASSAULT - Forced By The Flames
INFERNAL ASSAULT "Forced By The Flames" [12" MLP]
2014 - Black/Speed from Germany
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MEGATHERION - Megatherion
MEGATHERION "Megatherion" [12" MLP, Black Vinyl]
2018 - Black/Thrash from Germany
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PAGAN RITES - Rites Of The Pagan Warriors
PAGAN RITES "Rites Of The Pagan Warriors" [CD]
Doomish Pagan from Sweden
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PENTACLE - Spectre Of The Eight Ropes
PENTACLE "Spectre Of The Eight Ropes" [12" LP, Black Vinyl, Gatefold]
2019 - Death Metal from Netherlands
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VENOMWOLF - Stormriding Power
VENOMWOLF "Stormriding Power" [12" LP, Black Vinyl]
2018 - Black/Speed/Punk from United Kingdom
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