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HORNA - Aania Yossa
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HORNA "Aania Yossa" [CD]

Black Metal from Finland
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Record Label : Moribund
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Detailed Description
If there would be a word one would need to pick up to describe the best the "story" of this new HORNA opus, it would surely be atypical. Written and recorded long before their latest "Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne" was even planned, '?ni'Y'ss'(Voices in the Night) is the fruit of two sickened genitors, namely Shatraug (Music/Lyrics) & Corvus (Lyrics). To top it all, this fifth full length is made of (only) 4 mesmerizing hymns based on a concept around the pest curse that triumphed over Europe mainly during the 14th century.
Although the northern Legion provides us with an album whose history is atypical, it nonetheless remains pure Finnish Black Metal, the way they do it best.

Immortalizing here their own vision of the Black Pest with known elements of their own like primitive raw production, catchy yet melancholic riffs and shrieked vocals.
Musically speaking, '?ni'Y'ss'brings forth 43 minutes of a genious, dark & exquisite elixir of mid tempo riffs, finding their way directly under your skin... hunting you as the rats spreading the Yersinia Pestis !

Standing above all, is the 21 mins long title track with its hypnotic & gloomy atmosphere accompanied by a snoring bass... At the sound of this haunting chant your hearbeat rate increases, you are abnormally agitated...
Confused... Convulsed ' Slowly you enter an abyss of extreme delirium... and make one with The Black Death. Let the Voices in the Night embrace...

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