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HEMDALE - Rad Jackson
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HEMDALE "Rad Jackson" [CD]

Death/Grind from United States
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Record Label : Relapse
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Detailed Description
Rad Jackson is the long-awaited official discography from Ohio's legendary death / grind fiends Hemdale. After taking the underground by storm in 1995 with their godly self-titled demo, Hemdale proceeded to brutally maul and mutilate fans of the sickest music around with their down-tuned, blasting dementia, tongue-in-cheek humor and stunning live performances. "Rad Jackson" contains the band's classic demo as well as their long out-of-print splits with Exhumed, Exit-13 and Disgust. Delicious gory fun!!

1)  Delicious Gory Fun
2)  Pus-Filled Carcass
3)  Overflow
4)  Bathing In Mucus And Bile
5)  Tasty Hemorrhoidal Tissue
6)  Brutally Mauled Human Remains
7)  Succulent Torso Crescendo
8)  It Burns...And It Just Plain Smells Bad
9)  Are You Pornophoric
10)  Demented Surgical Incest
11)  Artificial Masturbation
12)  Licking Mental Patients Cum Off The Sheets
13)  Curse The Gods +
14)  Advanced Intestinal Love
15)  Gastral Colostomy
16)  Demented Surgical Incest
17)  Rise Above
18)  Are You Pornophoric
19)  Extremely Rotten Flesh
20)  Terrible Mutilation Factor
21)  Impaled And Dead
22)  Buried Under A Pile Of Zombie Dung
23)  Sick And Dying
24)  Rotting Fumes
25)  Vaginal Decay
26)  The Oh Stench Of Secretion
27)  Septic Mutilation
28)  Brutally Mauled Human Remains
29)  Internal Rot
30)  Consumed Abortion
31)  Soilent Green
32)  Hermorrhaging Bowels
33)  Manipulated Souls
34)  I Am Dead
35)  Regurgitated Corpse
36)  Pus-Filled Carcass
37)  Tribute To Anal Cunt Because We Think They're Cool

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