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Original Year : 2014
Detailed Description
Positively the most horrifying book ever written! Lavishly illustrated and featuring more than 666 of the most metallic movie moments of all time. The ultimate guidebook to the complete molten musical cinema experience.

ISBN 978-19359500-6-6
High-quality trade paperback
576 eye-blasting pages including color section
Original cover painting by Andrei Bouzikov
Dimensions: 6.75″ x 9.5″ x 1.5″ (170mm x 240mm x 40mm); 4 lbs. (1.5 kg)

?Heavy Metal Movies is the head banging-est, ear bleeding-est tribute to the world?s two finest inventions: heavy metal and the movies!??John Fasano (Zombie Nightmare, Black Roses, Rock ?N Roll Nightmare)

?Heavy metal and movies go together perfectly?it?s about damn time somebody dedicated a book to the two! Thank you, Mike McPadden, for answering our headbanging, metal horns-raising, VHS-watching, prayers!??Richard Christy (Death, Howard Stern, Decibel)

Keep reminding yourself: IT?S ONLY A BOOK?

Heavy metal and high-thrill cinema have been joined together like mutant twins since before Black Sabbath took the name of a chilling Italian horror film in 1970. The unadulterated journey of Heavy Metal Movies spans concert movies and trippy midnight flicks, inspirational depictions of ancient times and future apocalypses, and raw hand-held digital video obsessions. As brash, irreverent, and visceral as both the music and the movies themselves, Heavy Metal Movies is the ultimate guidebook to the complete molten musical cinema experience.

Exploding with far over 666 of the most intense movies of all-time, featuring:

Headbanger classics: This Is Spinal Tap, Heavy Metal Parking Lot, Trick or Treat, Black Roses, Black Sabbath, The Decline and Fall of Western Civilization 2: The Metal Years, Rock ?N Roll Nightmare, The Dungeonmaster, River?s Edge, Gummo, Lord of the Rings, Over the Edge, RoboCop, Saw, Savage Streets, The Toxic Avenger, Hard Rock Zombies, The Phantom of Paradise, Airheads, Evilspeak, Evil Dead, The Devil?s Rejects, Monster Dog, The Wicker Man?

Disturbing documentaries: Metal: A Headbanger?s Journey, Some Kind of Monster, Paradise Lost, Faces of Death?

Bulging barbarians: Conan the Destroyer, Clash of the Titans, The Sword and The Sorcerer?

Satanic shockers: The Exorcist, Rosemary?s Baby, The Devils, House of 1000 Corpses?

Splattery slashers: Maniac, Halloween, My Bloody Valentine, Sleepaway Camp?

Post-nuke dystopias: Mad Max, Blade Runner, The Road Warrior, Megaforce, Zardoz, Land of Doom, Death Race 2000, Planet of the Apes?

Carnivorous chunk-blowers: Cannibal Holocaust, Cannibal Ferox, Bloodsucking Freaks?

Undead gut-munchers: Zombie, Dawn of the Dead, Burial Ground, Dead/Alive?

Midnight mind-benders: Eraserhead, The Holy Mountain, Caligula, The Warriors, Repo: The Genetic Opera?

Concert films and killer cameos by Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Napalm Death, Godflesh, White Zombie, Alice Cooper, Helmet, Cannibal Corpse, Kiss, Powermad, and countless fake hair metal bands who end up getting killed onscreen?

Plus witches, werewolves, bikers, aliens, lesbian vampires, and vengeful vikings galore, over 1300 sin-ematic sensations in all.

Brooklyn-born Mike ?McBeardo? McPadden is the head writer of the online phenomenon Mr. Skin. In addition to years of freelance journalism (Esquire, Black Book, New York Press), and more than a decade as a Hustler editor and correspondent, Mr. McPadden has also done time as a B-movie screenwriter. He lives in Chicago with his wife, editor Rachel McPadden.

?Ties together the many shared bonds between extreme music and extreme cinema with as much authority as a Slayer riff and more eye-popping graphics than a stack of Iron Maiden LPs.??VH1

?McPadden?s exhaustive and highly entertaining book revels in the blood, boobs, and beasts of the most lurid flicks in the history of forever.??VICE/Noisey

?Outta sight! My eyes are still ringing. The coolest. What a rockin? guide for seeking out new movies, and to rediscover old favorites. This book is a culture vulture?s dream. Essential reading for every fan of movies, heavy metal, and pop culture. After poring over every page from A to Z, I?m sorry there aren?t more letters in the alphabet.??Jeff Krulik, director, Heavy Metal Parking Lot

?McPadden has struck gold with Heavy Metal Movies! Putting film reviews through a hard rock filter, he brings to the fore how genre film and metal are so tightly bound and interwoven?and in ways that might not even be immediately obvious. A must-read!??Robin Bougie, Cinema Sewer/Graphic Thrills

?Heavy metal and movies go together perfectly?it?s about damn time somebody dedicated a book to the two! Thank you, Mike McPadden, for answering our headbanging, metal horns-raising, VHS-watching, prayers!??Richard Christy, Death/Howard Stern/Decibel

?A mammoth work of vein-bulging devotion to power, rage, darkness, sweat, and M E T A L on screen!?
?Zack Carlson, author, Destroy All Movies: The Complete Guide to Punks on Film

?Times Square to Big Hair, from one who was there. McBeardo knows his movies and his metal. Adroit, exhaustive and very entertaining.??Jimmy McDonough, author, The Ghastly One, Tammy Wynette: Tragic Country Queen and Shakey: Neil Young?s Biography

?An essential reference guide to metal movies, written with equal doses of smart assed-ness and pop-cultural acuity. McPadden plumbs deeper than fashion and stereotypes to excavate the power of heavy metal in both its purest and most metaphoric forms.?-Kier-La Janisse, author, House of Psychotic Women: An Autobiographical Topography of Female Neurosis in Horror and Exploitation Films

?This entertaining book makes me want to see ALL of these movies ? and I?m not even a Metal fan!??Peter Bagge, cartoonist, Hate/Apocalypse Nerd

?Heavy Metal Movies is the head banging-est, ear bleeding-est tribute to the world?s two finest inventions: heavy metal and the movies!??John Fasano, director, Zombie Nightmare/Black Roses/Rock ?N Roll Nightmare

?An encyclopedic compendium of all things filmic and rocking that will be equally useful for settling bar bets and starting bar fights.??Allan MacDonell, author, Prisoner of X: Twenty Years in the Hole at Hustler Magazine

?Heavy Metal Movies is very funny, legitimately weird, occasionally disturbing and oftentimes breathtaking, a lot like heavy metal itself. When a film guide sends you scrambling to watch a movie every five to ten pages, it is a very, very good film guide. Heavy Metal Movies did that for me on almost every other page. This is the Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film for all movies heavy metal and metal in spirit. It should have a permanent place on your bookshelf.??Dan Budnik, co-author, Bleeding Skull!: A 1980s Trash Horror Odyssey

?Mike McPadden is like Pauline Kael with a dick, Roger Ebert with a jaw, and James Agee with a mohawk?all rolled in one.??Josh Alan Friedman, author, Tales of Times Square; I, Goldstein; and Black Cracker

?The only way this book could be any more hard hitting, is if I took it and slapped you in the face with it. This divine sacrifice is carved up for your enjoyment as tribute to the rock ?n roll filmmakers that inspired it.??BJ Colangelo, Day of the Woman/Icons of Fright

?McPadden?s scope and intellect in HMM is part Rhodes Scholar, part cinema nerd, and full on metalhead. The care and passion put into each entry shows an abiding love of the subject matter. If only there was a word that trumps ?definitive,? this book is most certainly that!? -Kristy Jett, HorrorHound Magazine

?Oh Lord and Master SATAN! Tonight we sacrifice this baby in your name to thank you for bringing us Mike McPadden?s Heavy Metal Movies! For it is a mighty beacon of darkness in a weak and pathetic cinematic world filled with repugnant rom-coms and loathsome feel-good-movies and PG-13 phony horror remakes. Hail Satan, and hail Mike McPadden!?-Johnny Ryan, Prison Pit

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