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GRAVELAND - Fire Chariot Of Destruction
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GRAVELAND "Fire Chariot Of Destruction" [CD]

Black, Pagan/Viking Metal from Poland
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Record Label : No Colours / Metal Inquisition
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Detailed Description
The new Pagan Metal opus! Import from No Colours Records, Germany.

Review written by Regina ;;;promotion administration @ Wildside Productions
The forbidden realms we must enter unto the frozen landscapes of Poland , where dwells a man infamously known as Rob Darken , and we take you into his musicianship of Graveland , the mighty the strenght behind the music .acclaimed to be the most controvercial and spoken of band worldwide.

Incorporating of pagan storms Rob has definatley kept his blackmetal epic and most definate a must for listeners to Graveland and more so the new album " Fire Chariot of Destruction " perpetuates the long traditional battles of war and damnation to the weak , with atmospheres to catch your soul with ambience to carry your heart to lands of snow and frozen realms .

No matter of the controvercial and or stereotypes that have became famous of behind the Rob Darkens life , well this album shall open minds of the weary listeners and transform your mind set and change the ways of your thinking, well instead of looking behind the man, well take a long deep listen behind the music of Rob Darken , " Graveland " and take yourself to his musicianship in the album "Fire Chariot of Destruction " , yes listen to the underproduced drums that just rattle your soul , take a listen to his ambient and yet sparse vocal ranges and take a deep listen as well to the trebly guitars layering sounds of rythyms unknown to you , the bass lines are just simply uncompromising , this is a no trend status here in this album as Rob has always shown thru his many legendary years of composing music .

So i dare you and listen deep and take a chance , there is no ways of knowing what your missing , if you dont listen to his music just rather then look upon his ideals and structures to form the most controvercial and embedding lyricism !!! So open your mind to the music not the controvercy !!!

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