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Heavy/Speed Metal from Italy
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Record Label : Shadow Kingdom
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Original Year : 2014
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Most of our favorite (non black and death) Italian Heavy Metal maniacs are known for horror, pain, and doom. With the exception of the Epic Metal masters Dark Quarterer, Italy hasn't produced many classic metal albums the way the USA did back in the prime of the 80's. It's really refreshing to hear a brand new band have such a great traditional style played with catchy-ness and conviction. It's almost like they took every great thing about IRON MAIDEN, SAVAGE GRACE, LIEGE LORD, EXCITER, DARKNESS, DEATHROW, DESTRUCTION, AGENT STEEL, FATES WARNING, HEATHEN'S RAGE, and so many more to make this incredible catchy heavy metal music that seems to play on repeat in your head when you?re not even listening to it. The vocals are great, high pitched, sung in English with a slight Italian accent. The guitar player crushes you with riff after riff and shreds you with all different kinds of leads. This is the kind of music almost any heavy metal fan would enjoy. This is limited to 100 and also comes really a really nice t-shirt design. The downloads are unlimited so if you want to hear more from this band, support this release!

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Italy | Heavy/Speed