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CLAWS / GRAVE WAX "Split" [CD, Digipak]

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Record Label : Horror Pain Gore Death
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Detailed Description
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions unleashes the most brutal underground Death Metal bands active today, each offering two new exclusive tracks on one sordid slab of death! Lasse Pyykk_, the man behind Claws (Hooded Menace, Phlegethon, Acid Witch, Vacant Coffin) performs classic Scandinavian Death Metal in the Finnish style... reeking of putrid filth! Grave Wax is a collaborative effort between Kam Lee (Death, Massacre, Bone Gnawer), Brian Forman (Unburied) and the Riddick twins (Excrescent, Yamatu, Fetid Zombie) who conjure their own brand of old school Death Metal. This is the first entry in the Price Slasher series on HPGD that delivers the high quality sickness at the lowest price possible. For fans of Abhorrence, Acid Witch, Cemetery Urn, Cenotaph, Crematory, Death, Disastrous Murmur, Dismember, Entombed, Funebre, General Surgery, Hooded Menace, Immolation, Incantation, Massacre and Nihilist
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