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BOKLUK - Taphonomy
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BOKLUK "Taphonomy" [CD]

Death Metal from Spain
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Record Label : Memento Mori
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Original Year : 2014
Detailed Description
In our endless quest to push and support underground acts that deliver the goodies unaware of trends and hypes, we?re proud to release "Taphonomy", the debut full-length by Spain?s Bokluk. Formed back in 2007 and comprised of past and current members of bands such as Nashgul, Noit?brega, Blackgoat and Devil Inside, Bokluk are all about putrid, gimmick-free and anachronistic Death Metal with old Grindcore/Crust overtones, rancid growls and a strong penchant to write tunes that would raise the dead, drawing their influences from bands like Nihilist/Entombed, Obituary, Autopsy, Repulsion, Grave, Incantation, Impetigo, Dismember, Wolfpack, Carnage, Master, early Death, Doom, Terrorizer, Purtenance, Disrupt and early Napalm Death. Mastered by Javier Felez @ Moontower Studios and featuring some brilliant artwork and layout by Cesar Valladares, "Taphonomy" is a rabid and fierce enough album to set new levels in terms of sheer sickness in the realm of grinding Death Metal. Open the graves and inhale the stench of the decomposing!!!

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Spain | Death
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