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ARKHAM WITCH - Legions Of The Deep Respawned
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ARKHAM WITCH "Legions Of The Deep Respawned" [CD]

2015 - Hard Rock/Heavy/Doom from United Kingdom
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Record Label : Metal On Metal
Original Year : 2015
Detailed Description

A reissue of this sold-out album from 2012, remastered and with 3 live bonus tracks, 2 of which are previously unreleased songs ("Shadow of the Vampire" and "Yog-Sothoth"). ARKHAM WITCH is a name that should be already familiar to the old school heavy metal and doom fans, especially those into THE LAMP OF THOTH, the previous band of the vocalist Simon and drummer Emily. On their sophomore album the Brits serve one ridiculously catchy "hit" after another. Their influences are pretty obvious: DEEP SWITCH, HELL, WITCHFINDER GENERAL, JUDAS PRIEST, PENTAGRAM, SAINT VITUS, MANILLA ROAD, CIRITH UNGOL... but at the same time it's not possible to mistake them for any other band (except for TLOT perhaps), as their personality shines strongly through their music and attitude. It's straightforward doom and NWOBHM laden traditional metal, occult, but with a tinge of humor, with these trademark bard/brigand type vocals of Simon. And if it makes you do weird moves and speak in strange tongues, you are not alone... you've just joined the Legions of the Deep!

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United Kingdom | Hard Rock/Heavy/Doom
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