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AEVANGELIST - Writhes In The Murky
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AEVANGELIST "Writhes In The Murky" [CD]

Black/Death Metal from United States
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Record Label : Hells Headbangers
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Original Year : 2014
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Detailed Description
The American band's third album to date, Writhes in the Murk signifies the next phase in the existence of Aevangelist's approach to experimental and extreme dark music. Falling somewhere within, but never fully defined by, the current boundaries of death metal, black metal, dark ambient, industrial, power violence, and black noise with a heavy influence from choral music, jazz textures, and new age sensibilities, Writhes in the Murk is a musically diverse downward spiral of nightmare and horrifying bliss.

Through Aevangelist, beauty and transcendence are brought together in the absolute; the corridors of the heart which lead to the eternal vistas of the nether have granted you with access, and then all of life will be abandoned, left writhing in the murk. The keepers of the Great Secret, the sovereign silent ministry of Aevangelist: they sustain the shadow with anticipation for when the sun would fall from the sky into exile, and through divination, they acclaim mastery over all disbelievers, until their return to bestow the equation for utopia and restore the earth to prosperity and Omniquity for all time. Hear all this - and far, FAR more - within Aevangelist's Writhes in the Murk, which is currently being streamed at Zero Tolerance magazine's website. Licensed for North American release by France's elite Debemur Morti Productions.

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United States | Black/Death
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