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ACID WITCH "Stoned" [CD, Digipak]

Death/Doom Metal from United States
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Record Label : Hells Headbangers
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Detailed Description

Their 2010 album now re-issued as a GOLD DISC in digipak.

Detroit's most evil doom band raises hell this Halloween with one of the heaviest, crushing albums ever made! Mixing 70's psych, NWOBHM, 80's doom metal, crust, and death, this album is sure to possess even the holiest by the power of weed, spell and Satanism!

Expect no typical doom metal here eerie listeners, this album isn't just a bunch of recycled Black Sabbath riffs, Acid Witch have crafted their own sound that sounds like no other band now or from the past. Their influences melt together like wax from black candles on an age-old satanic ritual. The production is warm and heavy, yet raw and filthy. All lyrics, art, layout, writing & recording was done by the band themselves, bringing back a punk D.I.Y. attitude the underground is missing nowadays. The Witch is back, and its time to get STONED!

Recommended for worshippers of Witchfinder General, Trouble, Deep Purple and Winter.

  • "Sweet merciful crap, Stoned is like reliving the same disturbing, re-occurring nightmare in the light of day, over and over with no resolution... Blending psychedelic, doom, death, sludge and more into an evil concoction of massive slab riffs, catchy groove and BLACK SABBATH worship, Acid Witch deliver one of the more enjoyable albums I've heard so far in a very young 2011... If a band is playing some sick shit like the menacing music heard on this particular album, and playing it pretty fucking well at that, who cares if it's similar to previous material. Stoned is a catchy as hell album that doesn't really seem to care about pushing boundaries. I've got no problem with that. As long as the disc rocks - and in this instance scares - the living shit out of me, I'm going to listen to it all damned day long" -Mouthforwar.net

  • "Though it's been two years since the band's Witchtannic Hellucinations debut, Acid Witch's penchant for layering on crazed, skittering lead guitar atop EVERYTHING seems intact, as does the creepy, Suspiria-esque synth sound. Indeed, the atmosphere here is legit and certifiably old school, reveling in that warm analog sound the same way video hounds worship their ragged Hammer VHS tapes... hellish, terror-soaked doom/death, expertly performed by a duo of horror-worshipping freaks" -Rue Morgue [4/5 rating]

  • "Imagine a perfect blend of doom metal / psychedelic / acid rock..comes crushing with those heavy, infectious and addictive riffs stamped all over the album. Fuckin' killer! The raw sound sealed the package as 'a must have'" -Hormala Fanzine

  • "A searing combination of doom and death metal, one that combines a quick pace with hardened riffs and groovy guitars with harsh vocals and a catchy rhythm section... are making inroads into the world of doom metal. Psychedelic, aggressive, and groovy as hell, this band is definitely one that doom fans need in their word. Open-minded fans of death metal will also dig the heaviness and vehemence on display, as will those into extreme metal in general. These dudes don't take themselves too seriously when it comes to lyrics, but they're all business when it comes to making some bone-crunching, groove-laden music with psychedelic flair" -Examiner.com

  • "The album doesn't fail to deliver a rich atmosphere, which is nicely enhanced by the lower, rawer production quality of the recording. It also retains the old stoner rock/ metal sounds from earlier, darker acts coupled into it, most notable thanks to the accompanying keyboards that appear throughout the album... a great album that utilizes the Doom structure nicely, incorporates some great stoner metal interests into the mix, and have some fantastic keyboards that really drive the music along and capture a haunting cult feeling that will take you back to the '80s perfectly" -Apochs.net [4/5 rating]

  • "In a world full of dead-serious Satanists, devil-worshipers, goat-slaughterers and sheep-fuckers, Acid Witch are a true breath of fresh air... a fine and fresh album" -Metalstorm.net [8/10 rating]
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