BEWITCHER - Under The Witching Cross HAUNT - Mosaic Vision
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  Ablaze / Black Saw

CRUDE BASTARD - United By Hate
CRUDE BASTARD "United By Hate" [CD]
Melodic Thrash from Chile
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GRAVEYARD - ..For Thine Is The Darkness
GRAVEYARD "..For Thine Is The Darkness" [CD]
2016 - Death Metal from Spain
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NUNSLAUGHTER "Live In Clifton New Jersey" [CD, A5 Size]
Devil Metal Death Metal from United States
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REVOLTING - The Terror Threshold
REVOLTING "The Terror Threshold" [CD, A5 Size, Digipak]
2010 - Death Metal from Sweden
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SATANIZER - Oxyuranus
SATANIZER "Oxyuranus" [CD, Digipak]
2017 - Black Metal from Colombia
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SHUB NIGGURATH - The Kinglike Celebration
SHUB NIGGURATH "The Kinglike Celebration" [12" Picture LP]
2019 - Death (early), Death/Black (later) from Mexico
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VOMIT OF DOOM - Magnvs Crvelty
VOMIT OF DOOM "Magnvs Crvelty" [CD, Digipak]
2016 - Black/Thrash from Argentina
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VOMIT OF DOOM - Obey The Darkness
VOMIT OF DOOM "Obey The Darkness" [CD]
2015 - Black/Thrash from Argentina
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